Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Finds and Tuesday Ramblings

I had my eye on this picture frame at Pier 1 and when I stopped in over the weekend it was on clearance.  Yes, please.

I immediately thought that this first dance picture which I had in a plain silver frame would look very cute in it.

I like it.  These are on top of the chest in our bedroom.  There is also a picture of the husband with our niece Chelsie who is now seven, she was barely one in the picture on the left.  Time flies!  I love the picture of my parents at their wedding as well.  I picked up the blue distressed frame on the right on clearance this weekend too.  I like pops of color.

Now for my ramblings and a funny story.  Today is my pre-op visit with my doctor.  I have my list of questions ready which include awesome things like how long will my incision be and how will I be closed (staples, stitches, glue?); along with necessary questions like what time do I check in to the hospital on Thursday.

This will be my first trip to the office since I received news I was not expecting during my last visit.  My surgery is to remove fibroid tumors from my uterus so there would be space to carry a baby to term.  There are 5 tumors, three that measure 6 centimeters across at their widest and then two smaller ones.

The news I received last month when I was in the office was that the results of my blood work and the ultra sound that she had done on my initial visit showed that my egg count was low and the chances of getting pregnant naturally were very slim.  I was all alone in the office, no husband there for support, and this news hit me like a ton of bricks.  Now don't get me wrong, the husband would have been there if i had invited him, but I had no idea I would need him there. My doctor could see my eyes begin to well up with tears and she started to name lots of options for a family...adoption, egg donor ship, etc.

My doctor sent me back down for more blood work to check one of my levels again.  So I was off (don't worry the funny part of the story is coming).  I headed out of the doctor's office to the lab to get my blood drawn.  The office is in a professional building at the Woman's Hospital so there are women with their beautiful children everywhere.  I found it kind of comforting since I was sure some of them had received news like mine at one point.

I get to the lab and the very sweet technician greets me to take my blood.  She is gigantically pregnant and is telling me how wiped out she is.  I am sure she was.  She probably has a sweet baby by now, she was seven months along in December.  I get seated and she puts the evil blue elastic band on my arm to look for a vein.  Then she says to me, "Here squeeze the egg."  Yes, she was handing me a white stress ball in the shape of an egg.  Hi, your ovaries are broken, squeeze this egg.  How funny is that?

Through tears of telling the husband the news I received I still found this blood drawing story hilarious.  You can't make it up.  I am so thankful for my sense of humor or I might have burst into tears and run out of the office right there and left the sweet pregnant technician very confused.

Today I will also find out if the blood work taken during this story gave us any new information.

Enjoy your Tuesday, remember laughter really can make you feel better.


  1. Hope the bloodwork comes back fine. A stress egg sounds like something we could use in my office at work!

  2. If you need eggs, you are more than welcome to any usable little goosies hanging out in my ovaries. Whatever happens, it will be your sweet and beautiful path, and you know that we'll all be walking along with you. I love you very much, and will come bug you next week : )

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster Award - here are the details:


  4. Thanks for stopping by blog also I am a new follower of yours!

  5. That is so true; laughter can really make our mind better. By the way, I also do have stress ball and this was given by my hubby.


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