Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello From Venice

I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. The husband and I are in Italy! We are loving it!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Finds

As you might have noticed from Monday's post, I am very proud of the husband for completing the BP MS 150 over the weekend.  It should be no surprise that something MS 150 related is part of my weekly finds this week.

I picked up a frame and matte for Daniel's completion certificate at Michael's yesterday.  I love how easy craft stores make it to frame a special document.  I also grabbed some fun ribbon and a scrapbook bicycle to make even more special for my hubby.

He was very touched when I gave it to him last night.  I was happy.

Way to go Dano.

Another find for the week came right out of my closet.  I love it when I find things I have forgotten about.  Thanks to a closet clean out, I came across this weekly calendar that I had purchased as a Christmas present for my mother that she did not need.  I had intentions of returning it, but clearly that didn't happen.

It's a cute little calendar that I am now putting to work at the office.  I like to jot down tasks that I work on each day that are not on the to-do list so I can know where my time goes during the week.

It's a handy way of keeping track especially when the boss wants updates.

I hope your week is treating you well.  Did you make any fun finds this week?

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was fabulous and I am exhausted!!  If I am so exhausted from our Austin road trip, you bet the husband is 100 times more exhausted.

Daniel rode his bike there.  Wow.  Just a little weekend ride of over 150 miles...no big deal.

Okay, it was a big deal.  He road as part of the SM Energy team in the BP MS 150 which helps raise money for the MS Society to fund research for a cure for multiple sclerosis.  If that's not big enough, this ride had also been on Daniel's bucket list for a long time.  Check.  I am so proud of him.

I have family and friends that battle this disease.  It is touching how many people donate, ride and come out for this event.

Great looking team, right?

It all started around 5 AM on Saturday.  Coffee?  Yes, please.

We gathered at the office near one of the start lines for the ride and loaded up all our riders.

And then they were off...

Love that guy.

Some of the volunteers for their team followed with them and camped in La Grange at the halfway point.  I headed straight to Austin to hang out with family and friends.  I met them back at the finish line.

Congrats to all the riders that rode over the weekend.  I hope you are resting well this week!


Mingle 240

Have a wonderful week!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Who is happy that Friday has finally arrived?  This gal is!!  I thought for a minute that it would never get here!  I am worn out!

Overall the week has been slow and uneventful.  Here are the thrilling high lights...

I got my pretty birthday ring exchanged for a good size and wore it all week.

I wore my new favorite shoes to the office.  I love these.

The fur babies had a great week.  Trixie got new kitty treats and Sammy's BarkBox arrived.  The husband and I were wondering if PurrPackages were in the works...or maybe MeowMail.  Ha!

A couple of the nieces managed to get a spring swim in even though they don't have spring temperatures yet.  Thank goodness for indoor pools.  These gals love to swim.

This weekend will consist of a short road trip.  Shorter for me than the husband.  He is riding in the MS150 and will be riding his bike from Houston to Austin.

The BP MS 150 allows riders to raise money for the MS Society.  The husband has wanted to participate in this ride for a long time and this year he is making it a reality.  I am proud of him.  I will not be pedaling to Austin, I will be driving up to cheer my guy across the finish line and drive him back home.

I hope you have great weekend plans.  I have family and friends up in Austin so I will be well entertained and taken care of.  I am excited.

life rearranged

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekly Finds

This week I found 3 cans of rust-oleum spray paint in my garage.  I bought them back when we were remodeling the kitchen and had visions of what I could do with the old patio furniture I had inherited.

Last weekend those visions finally came to fruition.  I had these three chairs that went with a long gone table left from the clean out of my mother's garage.

I like these chairs okay...the flower detail is fun, but I have never been a fan of the color.  Enter rust-oleum.

Huge difference!

I used two cans and refinished 3 chairs and one table.

It was so easy!  I threw a drop cloth down in my backyard and got to spraying.  These are just a single coat and it dried pretty quickly.

I put the furniture back in place the same evening.  Simple as can be.  I was on the verge of wanting to replace this table and now I am a-okay with it.

I was honestly a little intimidated by spray paint...I felt like I couldn't control it, but it was so easy and not very messy at all (I still wore my painting clothes, of course).  If you were holding back on trying the spray paint thing...don't!  It's super easy!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Houston!  I spent a lot of time outside and it was fabulous.

I was happy I snapped a picture of my potted herbs right after I planted them, I am amazed how much they have grown!

The husband hung my hummingbird feeder.  I hope we get some visitors.  That would be really cool.

This weekend was full of birthdays.  I love April.

This amazing lady and I share a birthday.

Happy Birthday to us!!  4/11 twins!

Sunday was this beautiful lady's birthday.

Happy Birthday Liz!!  I miss you tons!

And today is this fantastic gal's birthday.

Happy Birthday Lou!!!  Love you lots!

It is pretty cool to have a birthday so close to some of the most amazing friends.  It is fun to celebrate all of our awesomeness at the same time.

In other news...I received fun pictures from the sister in Mississippi this weekend.  The baby MS niece, Chelsie had a movie star birthday party to attend.

Here she is rocking the red brick patio...a kiddo's version of the red carpet.

This picture of my oldest niece melts my heart.

I love this beautiful kid...who is quickly becoming an amazing young lady.

Tomorrow on the blog in my Weekly Finds I will reveal what I did with the spray paint I found in my garage. Update...Wednesday on the blog.

It turned into some pretty awesome patio updates.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Mingle 240

Friday, April 12, 2013


I had a pretty good week back at work.  I am a little tired and happy it is Friday, but all in all it was a great week.  Let's take a look at my week through my phone!

I bought myself a little present to bring with me to the office on Monday.

Look, brightly colored pens.  A shocking work present for me, I know!

I had been noticing that my plants are growing like crazy this spring.  Especially my little planter veggie garden.

Look at the difference!!

I told the husband that I was going to have to drag him to Home Depot (kicking and screaming, I am sure) to get stakes for the taller plants this weekend.  And I noticed my first little tomato on Tuesday.


Thursday was my birthday.  I had a fantastic day!  I had lunch with great friends at BB's Cafe.

The husband spoiled me rotten.

And I didn't feel old at all.


I hope you have had a great week!  Enjoy your weekend!!

life rearranged