Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

You might know that the first part of my weekend was spent in the hospital.  If you have ever had a hospital stay of any kind you probably already know this, but if you have never had to spend any time in the hospital let me tell you...nurses are awesome.  Doctors get all the glory, but the nurses...they really take care of you and deserve more credit.

I had the pleasure of being pushed by several different fabulous ladies...and getting in trouble with a few (like the recovery room nurse who didn't want me straining myself trying to look around while I was waking up).  Each of them were awesome in their own way (even the one I didn't think I liked very much), but Esme was my favorite of them all.  She worked part of two of the day shifts I was in the hospital for and she was awesome.  She was encouraging and comforting at the same time.  I wanted to walk my hospital laps for her.  If you see a nurse today, tell them they are fantastic.

Thank you fabulous ladies, you rock.  Keep up the good work.

And then there's this guy.

What a great view, right?

This guy is pretty awesome too.  The husband was there for me whenever I needed him and he was also a pretty good cheerleader...he thinks I am kind of strong where all this surgery stuff is concerned.  I think he is sweet.

The award for the most excited animal to see me come home goes to...

Sammy!!!  Shocker, I know.  Trixie was happy too...in her own special kitten way.

I have to say that I felt the love and the prayers that were sent my way in the past week.  It has been really touching.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. I love seeing Sammy's face on here :) what a beautiful furry friend.

    Glad you're doing well and you're so right about nurses!!

  2. You are absolutely correct about nurses! They should definitely get more credit...and maybe more money? And I'm not just saying that because i'm married to one. lol. Hope you're feeling better soon!!

  3. I was sending you prayers from Oklahoma City!! Keep us posted...


  4. Amen :) Thanks for the nurse shout out! And glad it all went well for you!


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