Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recovery Week One

A week ago today around this time I was in surgery.  It was a planned surgery to remove fibroid tumors from my uterus.  The doctor thought there were 5, but it turns out one of the tumors that she thought was two was fused together and really big. so she only have to remove four.  I don't know if that was a good or bad is just a fact.

So far my recovery is going pretty well.  Today I am having a more painful day; I seem to have good days and bad...true of most life stages, no?  Today the part of my stomach that is still numb from the surgery (completely normal by the way) seems to be waking up some and is hurting.

My awesome sister came in town on Sunday and stayed with me until this morning to help me.  The husband had to go back to work on Monday so I was extra happy to have her here.

She helped me by doing all the things around the house that I cannot do right now, plus cooked dinners for us.  I miss her already and I am sure the husband will miss her too since he will have to pick up the slack.  Thank you Sissy for coming to help...I love you tons!!

Yesterday I left the house for the first time since I got home from the hospital.  It was actually a few days early for doctor recommended house leaving since that isn't supposed to happen until week two, but I was feeling good and we were just going around the corner to the drug store.  My big purchase?

More reading materials!  Yay.

In my spare time while not working and not being able to do a lot around the house, I have had lots of time for thinking and internet browsing.  I saw a couple of things on Facebook this week that provoked some thought.  The first one was this...

This is so true, right?  I make it no secret on the blog that I struggle with my weight and that I am actively trying to lose weight right now.  It's important.  This surgery was not weight related, but if I don't make permanent changes there could be future surgeries that are.  I want to be a good example to my nieces and nephew and any future children that I may have.  This quote gives me even more motivation.

The other was this...

So are vegetables...they just need s good wash.

Food for thought.

Have a great Thursday!!  You have almost made it to the weekend!!


  1. Sorry that you're having a more painful day today. I am sending positive thoughts your way my friend :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon. :( Also, I wish I liked to eat fruit. I'm more of a vegetables girl!



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