Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Updates, Dogs, and Jasmine

Hello friends! It's been a while and I have missed you. What have I been up to? Well, my mom had some heart surgery and she is better and doing great. I have also been contemplating this blog and my other blog and the best way to combine the two. I am still working on those decisions and until I figure it all out, I hope to blog more here.

I have continued with my intuitive eating journey and I am down about 10 pounds, which doesn't sound like much in such a long time, but for me it is huge. My relationship with food is SO much better, I don't stress when presented with the idea of dinner out with friends or what I might munch on when I am bored. It feels a lot like freedom. It is still a journey and I am still very much a work in progress, but I feel very good about my accomplishments.

The husband and I have been taking a digital photography class, been doing a little more home improvements, and a little traveling. I look forward to sharing adventures and pictures with you.

The fur kids are doing great!

And they love modeling for my photography class assignments.

I have been busy, but I still try and volunteer and do what I can for sweet fur babies looking for loving homes. Speaking of which, meet Jasmine!

Hi, I’m Jasmine! And I would love to be your shadow. I sure love humans and I like to follow mine everywhere! My foster mom says I am always on her heels. She loves it, just ask her. I also love the cuddles…do you have a lap? I’d love to lie in it. 

I am just a baby and I am learning to be a good girl. Right now I am less than a year old and I am only 15 pounds; so I don’t need much space, just lots of love! Speaking of love, my foster mom also thinks it’s funny that I like baths. I don’t know what to tell you besides baths are awesome. Just look at me, I am so gorgeous! 

My foster mom says I am still adjusting to living with my foster siblings, but she thinks I am going to be good with other pups. I have been around other dogs all my life and even though it has been tough, I am a sweetheart! 

I’d sure like to meet you and share some love with you. If you are in need of a shadow, contact Red Collar Rescue and arrange to meet ME!

Isn't she a doll? I know she'd be a great addition to a lucky family.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Jasmine's photos provided by BH Studios.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Happy September everyone!! How did September sneak up on us by the way? Are you as shocked as I am?

It is a truly wonderful start to the new month...I have an adoption to announce, so I will jump right in. Our sweet little Suzie Q has found her forever home!


Congrats to her and her new parents!


I mentioned last week that you can donate to Red Collar Rescue every time you shop at Amazon by using their Amazon Smile URL. Well, today I have another fundraising opportunity to share for all you athletes out there.

You can turn any race you sign up for into a fundraiser for RCR by setting up a donation page with Reason 2 Race! If you run, bike, swim...consider setting up a donation page for Red Collar to turn your races into life saving events. 

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

So, last night I was relaxing in my bed with my book. I knew Bauer had snuggled up right by me, I could feel a paw on my arm. I looked over and almost passed out from the cute.

I seriously love this guy. I am so happy to have him in our family.

I mean he fits in so well it is a little hard to believe he has only been with us for four short months. It kind of feels like he has been here forever. I can't imagine not having him.

He and Sammy make a perfect duo. Love.

In other news from my garden. I planted no sunflowers this spring. That doesn't sound at all noteworthy except that there are sunflowers growing in with my daisies.

Pretty right? They are super tall and I am not sure what kind of sunflower it is, but I can only guess that I have my birds to thank for them since there are sunflower seeds in the seed mix I feed them. I love nature.

Enjoy your Thursday!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is treating you well so far, mine is a little slow, but I have a feeling it is going to get busy and fly.

You know what Wednesday means here on the blog...time to meet another adoptable love from Red Collar Rescue. Here is Sissy...

Hello world! I'm Sissy and I am ready to be the puppy love of your life!

I'm a gorgeous young girl and I just graduated puppy school, which means I know all my commands and I am a super good girl! I'm also potty and crate trained. Bonus!

I love to be with my humans, so anything you want to do I am ready to do! Walking? Jogging? Playing with toys? Rides in the car?  No problem! 

I am an active gal and I love to explore. My foster mom says I'd make a great running partner and I love to cuddle! She also says I am super attentive.

How can I not be? Look at my ears!? I can hear everything.

I'd love to meet you and talk about sharing your house with you. I'd love for your house to be my forever house. The return of love you get will be well worth it I assure you, so contact Red Collar to arrange a play date with me.

I'll wait here patiently like the good girl I am.

Such a sweet baby with wonderful manners!  If you'd like to meet Sissy and see if she has the puppy love for you, contact Red Collar Rescue at

Have a great day!

All the pictures in this post were provided by BH Studios.

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