Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Finds - Sammy's Announcement

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Sammy has an announcement.

I do??

Yes, Sammy you do.  Remember it starts with a B?

Oh, right.  I have a new friend named Bauer.

Right.  But who is he?

OH! He's my new brudder!

That's right!  We adopted the lab we met at the Harris County Animal Control Shelter and our house will be his forever home.  We couldn't resist him!!  As soon as he did this on the husbands feet...

...we were in love!  And we knew Sammy would love him too.  We don't know much about our sweet new guy except that he was picked up as a stray by animal control.  He had been in the shelter 3 and a half days before his freedom ride.

He looks like he has been on his own a little while because he is a little underweight and his nails are super long.  He also had very dirty, itchy ears.  The shelter thinks he's around 4 years old and he is heart worm negative.

After we took him home and got him cleaned up I snapped this picture of him on our deck.

A few people commented that it looked like he was trying to hug his new home.  I think it is so sweet how rescued dogs truly feel rescued.  You could tell he was relieved to be out of the shelter so much so that he slept like a baby Saturday night.

His slumber started very soon after his bath and ear cleaning.  He just slept on the deck while we hung out.  A little later we had guests over for dinner and he was a super good boy.  You can tell he had a home at one point.  I don't know how he ended up in the shelter, but I do know that if you chip your pet you almost double the odds that they will find their way home to you if they get lost.  If Bauer's previous owners did lose him, I feel sad for their loss; but I am happy to rescue this guy and give him a safe and loving new home for the rest of his life.

Sammy is very accepting of Bauer and they have begun to play together.  I credit our foster experience with Wags for her great transition.

"I dub thee little sister!"

We honestly don't know who is older, but we will call Bauer the big brother simply because he is bigger than Sam.  So far, they have shared plated licking duties, played fetch and tug, and even been on the verge of snuggling.



Bauer fits right in.  He definitely knows what to do in the kitchen.

And he's a love.

Sweet boy.

To top it all off he knows his basic commands, I have yet to see him jump up on anyone, and I discovered yesterday he knows how to speak.  He also asks to be let out.  So far, only one accident in the house.  Do you know what this means??


You can find AMAZING dogs of any breed at your local shelter or rescue group.  The small fees we paid to bring Bauer home included his shots and microchipping.  If he had not already been neutered it would have included that too.  Done deal.  Go on...save a life.

For those of you who are curious...yes, he was named after Jack.

Sleep tight buddy.  You are home safe.

And in April birthday news...

Happy Birthday to another BFF, Lizzy Lou!!  Have a great day Liz!!  Love you lots!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Weekend Recap

I had a fantastic birthday weekend!!!  I think this might have been one of the best ones yet.  It all started on Friday afternoon because I had the afternoon off.  The husband took me to Goode Company Seafood for a delicious lunch.

Aside from delicious food, Goode Company's Westpark location has a cute atmosphere.  Part of the restaurant was constructed from an old railroad car.

The Goode family has been in the restaurant business in Houston for a long time.  They have several locations and many different types of food including their signature Texas barbeque.  Lunch was delicious.  The husband and I split a mesquite grilled fish and shrimp po-boy and had some fantastic gumbo.

After lunch we made a visit to the Harris County Animal Control shelter.  A couple of my animal rescue friends volunteer in various capacities at this facility.  As far as shelters go in the Houston area this is a very small and very poorly funded shelter and therefore they have a higher kill rate than others.  Whenever I see special animals there, I am moved to go meet them to try and champion their rescue or adoption.

On Friday we met this guy...


This dog was picked up as stray.  He clearly had a home at one point, he was neutered and very well behaved.  He was a little under weight, but heart worm negative and ready, very ready, to go home.  I am not sure how he ended up on the streets, but I do know that when he was picked up by animal control he had no collar and no microchip.  Please, please, please tag and microchip your pets.  It gives them the best odds of making it back home to you if they are lost.  Do not worry about this guy.  He will live happily ever after in a new forever home.

Saturday one of my BFFs Rebecca took me for a fantastic mani/pedi at NailTime.  I had never been to this nail spa before, but I loved it!

Rebecca and I got our spa pedicures in a smaller room and it was so nice because for most of our time there it was only the two of us in there.  It was fun to have catch up time with her without distraction.


The massage chairs in this place were actually comfortable!  Yay!

View from my pedi chair.

After NailTime we headed over to Lola in the Houston Heights for lunch.  Right now I am working from a list of new to me restaurants to try and this was one of them.  I will go back.


For one, how cute is this?  And secondly...

Um, yum!  I had the club sandwich and Rebecca had a fried green BLT.  Yep, it had fried green tomatoes on it.  She said it was divine.  And their fries, just wow.  I can't wait to go back for breakfast.  Chicken and waffles?  Yes, please.  Go. Eat. Enjoy.

Saturday evening we had a relaxed dinner with friends, which was just what this birthday girl wanted.  I also got to say happy birthday to another BFF who shares a birthday day me!!

This was obviously not taken at dinner, but it is still some of my favorite silliness with this amazing woman.  Kasey, I hope your birthday weekend was a fantastic and relaxing as mine was.  I love you!!

On Sunday the husband and I went for massages at our fave place  Dolce Vita Day Spa.  I have no pictures to share of our trip, but they are definitely worth mentioning because they are fabulous.  If you are in need of a little massage therapy, you cannot go wrong here.

It was a fantastic weekend!  The only thing I did not get to check off my list was a birthday weekend nap.  Oh, well.  There is always next weekend.

Today is another very special birthday.  Yet another of my BFFs is celebrating today.  Happy Birthday Liz!!!

I hope your day is fantastic.  If you are also a 4/14 baby, happy birthday to you!!!

Come back and visit me tomorrow.  Sammy has an announcement.

Have a lovely Monday of what I hope is a short work week for you as well!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Insta-Friday and My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me!!  And happy my birthday to you!  :)  If you are a fellow 4-11 baby, happy birthday to you!!  I hope you have had a great week.  We have had gorgeous weather here in Houston. 

That's the Contemporary Arts Museum, look at that beautiful sky.  That was on Wednesday, we have a few clouds today, but it is still great.  I think the husband and I will be touring this museum later today since I have the birthday afternoon off!  :)  I love a Friday fun-day!

This week has been busy, busy; but so nice as well.  I loved my Monday yoga break.

Time with my green yoga mat makes me happy.

Thursday was the 5th anniversary of this sweet girl coming home to me.

Love, love, love my Sammy!!!  The husband brought her home for my birthday that year.  My birthday was Easter Sunday that year, so I got to have my present on Friday.

Our first photo!

She was so tiny!  Best present ever.  She keeps giving and giving.

In honor of birthdays and looking back, here are some fun pictures of me as a little one.

Little me with a dog, weird.

Yes, I have always loved my doggies!  That was Lucy.  She was a good girl.

I loved me some Annie.  Saw the musical on broadway that year and had to be Annie for Halloween!

Ah, the family road trip.  That's me on the left and my sis on the right.  You are welcome, Audrey.  :)

And the obligatory birthday girl selfie.

My office family is showering me with love; cards, presents, brownies.  It is shaping up to be an awesome day.  I will of course continue celebrating all weekend.  Why, not?

Have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big News

I have been invited to contribute to an international blog called Los Siete Pecados.  How cool is that?  This project is a collection of women writers from various countries around the world who contribute a post a week.  The goal is to create a collection of perspectives of women with very different backgrounds.  I am excited about this opportunity!

Meet my co-contributors:

The blog will of course be written in various languages, so grab your google translator and head on over.  You can follow updates and posts on Facebook if you like.

My first post, entitled My Perspective went live this morning. Check it out.

Have a lovely Thursday!