Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Piano Embrace

When my sister, mother and I were cleaning out my mom's house and dividing generations of treasures I was hoping my sister was going to want to take my mother's upright piano to her house.  She did not.  For a while I avoided decorating the piano hoping my sister was going to change her mind.  She hasn't.  I finally gave in and embraced the piano and truth be told, I like it.

I started with the lime green clearance vase I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 8 dollars and went from there.

When I purchased this vase, I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I loved it and couldn't pass up the great deal (it was 80% off).

Then on a separate Hobby Lobby trip I found this wonderful frame that was half off and the planning for the right side of the piano began.  I printed one of my favorite pictures from our New Year's party and went to Pier 1 to search their floral sale for the fillings for my vase.  I am very pleased with how the vase turned out.  And bonus, I found these daisies on clearance during my Pier 1 visit.

The left side of the piano is the side I don't think I am finished with.  I love the picture of the twins, but I feel like I need something to replace the candle with more height.

I think the middle of the piano was a small stroke of genius (a stretch, I know).  I thought a stack of books would look nice there so I headed over to Half Price Books and found a few hard back biographies on famous pianists.

I will still be on the hunt for additional/replacement books if I find more with more interesting colors/designs, but these are a good start.  The bunny was another Pier 1 find and he will be allowed to hang out until after Easter and then will be replaced with another bauble.

Now I kind of wish I knew how to play.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. I wish I had a piano to bring into our house... I live it makes your house feel warm.... This looks great!

  2. ooooh i like this very much! the lime green vase was a great touch!

  3. the best thing about having a piano in your house is that every time little kids come over, they look forward to banging on that thing : ) i always wished we had one growing up.


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