Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome Fall

We don't really have any fall temperatures here in Houston yet, but that doesn't mean my decor has to lack fall touches.  I have already been bringing fall into my home.

I like my fall mantel this year.  I changed it a up a bit from last year.

If you have been reading the blog for a while you know that the husband and I took over my childhood home and have been making improvements as we go.  Along with the house I also inherited some awesome items from my mom and grandmothers.  I wanted to incorporate some of those into my decor this year.

The first piece I used was this silver dish propped on a small wire easel with sparkle pumpkins pouring from it.  I found the sparkle pumpkins at Pier 1 and I love how the react to the camera flash.  I used them in one of my hurricanes as well.

In the center of the mantel I used some clearance bird houses I got from Willow House when they were phasing out their home goods.  Silly Willow House, I liked their home goods.  I don't know why they decided to do away with them.  Sigh.

I tied bows on them and added these hand written welcome notes that I made with scrap book paper and a metallic sharpie.  I thought it turned out kind of cute.

The right side of the mantel remained the same as last year, but I incorporated gourds into my large hurricane.

I am a fan.  I love sitting in the living room in the evening with the candles lit.

Another silver piece I used from my stash was this footed dish to elevate one of my pumpkins on the top of the piano.

I like how it makes the pumpkin stand up above the music stand.

Are you already decorating for the fall?  Or even better do you already have some fall temperatures where you live?

Enjoy your Wednesday!!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


In yesterday's post I introduced you to our foster pup Wags.  She sure is a sweetie and she has a new nickname.  I call her Wagamuffin. She seems to like it just fine.  LOL.

"All this cuddling is exhausting."

This is our first foster experience and it is already rewarding.  This dog has had such a tough life it is amazing to me that she is so sweet and loving.  It really impresses me and because of this I know the perfect family is out there for her.  If you read her story on the blog yesterday you know that she was rescued from death row at BARC and then kenneled by a rescue that ran out of funds.  Basically she has lived in a kennel, pretty much forgotten, for about half of her short life.  My friend and one of the Red Collar Rescue volunteers sent me this screen shot from her intake record at BARC.

Heart breaking isn't it?  She is a completely different dog today.

She is already getting the sit and lie down commands; and we are working on boundaries like not jumping up, waiting to be invited into laps and on furniture.  She is smart and she will get it.

Sammy is continuing to warm up.  We had some more group outside time last night and a couple of trips this morning.

"Okay, she can stay.  I kind of like to steal her toys."

I was worried about Sam at first, since in order for this to be a successful foster she has to be happy too.  She is part of the family.  All the experts are telling us that it can take as long as two weeks for everything to get settled.  Our routine is already going pretty well and that is good news.  Isn't it Wags?

"Can't talk now, chewing a rawhide is serious business."

Very good then.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

Over the weekend we brought home a foster pup.  Get ready for a picture filled post!  Meet Wags!

Wags has had a tough life so far, but Friday the 13th was her lucky day.  She came home to what might be the first home and family of her life.  She rode wonderfully on the ride home, just snoozing away.

Lucky Friday the 13th

First Picture at Home

Wags has begun to adjust well at home.  The first night she did a little crying when we put her in her kennel for the night, but she settled within 15 minutes and hasn't cried at bed time since.  And she LOVES to snuggle.

"I love love."

Sammy is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting, but she is coming around.  As Wags settles down Sammy is beginning to be more accepting of having this new friend in her space.

Wags is so excited to be in a home she sometimes invades Sam's space out of excitement.  Sammy does not appreciate that much, but now that Wags has begun to settle in Sammy is growing more comfortable.  We have had some fun outside deck time this weekend.

"We hear the neighbors."

We had lots of snuggle time.

And we had a football watch party.

Wags did a little yoga.

We introduced Wags to some toys.  She wasn't quite sure what to do with them; I don't think she has ever had toys before.  So she stock piled them in her new bed.

Saturday she did head in the bed and body out, Sunday night she mixed it up.

"I'm creative."

Wags is one of the lucky rescues of Red Collar Rescue.  If you think you'd like to meet Wags, you can email them at She sure is a sweet girl!

 I know she will make a great member of someone's forever family.

Have a fantastic Monday!!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a fabulous weekend celebrating the return of football and the coming of fall.  Saturday I decorated while watching college games.

There will be a fall decor post coming later in the week.  I wish I could order some cooler temps to go with my decorations.  Sigh.

Sunday one of the BFFs, Rebecca, invited me and the husband over for some Packers football.

Rebecca, I know you are happy you let me snap this picture of you!

Yes, we are in Houston and yes the Texans are the husband and my favorite team, but we do also enjoy the Packers.

Packer fans reporting for duty!!

And yes, there was cheese!

Sorry, I could resist.  Rebecca was serving an awesome Wisconsin inspired spread complete with brats stewed in beer!

She has some recipe highlights up on her blog today if you want to check it out here.  They were pretty darn tasty.

I don't think the cookies had anything to do with Wisconsin, but they sure were yummy.

Rebecca's pups, Ava and Leo, were very excited to see us.

Okay, Ava was very excited to see us and Leo was happy that we gave him treats.  Not to worry, Ava got over her excitement eventually.  :)

Unfortunately, the Packers couldn't pull out a win for us.  Hopefully our Texans will bring home a win for us tonight!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekly Finds

Hello friends!  Can I tell you how excited I am to decorate for fall?  So excited.  I found these super cute squash for my fall decor collection at Pier 1 this week.

I will start decorating this week and weekend, so pictures will be coming soon.  You know there will be a fall mantle.  Do you already have fall decorating ideas rolling around in your head?  Started in your home??

Now I'd love to introduce you to a new blog.  You might remember my dear friend Rebecca from some of my posts, like this one, this one, or this one...anyway she started her very own blog this week!

She'll be posting recipes, cleaning tips and fun stories about life and her pups.  Go check her out at Rebecca's Daily Recap and welcome her to the blogosphere!

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