Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Heart Day!!

Do me a favor.  Whether you are single or in a relationship; whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it with a passion...celebrate yourself today.

We can all use a little me celebration once in a while, so take today to feel the love.  You are the best you ever.  Period.

I have always kind of liked Valentine's Day, whether single or not, probably for no other reason than I love hearts and flowers.  I know that comes as a huge shocker to you.  I will admit that the single me didn't like the day as much as the relationship me does.  The husband and I usually decide something we want for the house (last year we got a coffee table) and we trade sweet cards.  We don't make a huge fuss of the day...which gives me extra time to celebrate me.  :)

There was a very funny card that I almost got for the husband.  It said, "The longer we are married the more we have to learn to put up with each others' faults."..."I just wanted to let you know in case I ever develop any."  Ha!  I chose a sweet and more truthful card instead.

Now..if you are still not feeling my celebrate yourself suggestion or laughing at the funny card I described, then head over to this Valentine's Horror Story post.  I guarantee that it will put a smile on your face and probably make you laugh.

Go forth and enjoy your Thursday.

I heart you.


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