Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

We took a very quick trip to Hattiesburg this weekend to pick up my mom and bring her back to Houston with us.  We saw a gorgeous sunrise on Saturday morning.

We spent the day watching soccer games...

Check me out, I'm a soccer aunt! (shocking, I know), and touring the Southern Prohibition Brewery, which is scheduled to open in the spring.

We hit the road back to Houston on Sunday in some very rainy terrible weather.  I was just beginning to relax with Sammy and think it wasn't so bad to let my mom ride shotgun when I got the call from my sister about the Hattiesburg tornado.

A very large tornado hit Hattiesburg on Saturday afternoon.  It left a huge path of destruction through the town.  My sister and her family sheltered in an interior hallway of their home while the tornado tore through.  They could feel their house shaking and hear the windows rattling.

My family was very lucky.  They are all unharmed and they suffered no damage to their home or their businesses.  Many people were not so lucky.  The neighborhood behind my sisters lost homes and the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi suffered much damage.


Please keep all the residents of Hattiesburg in your thoughts and prayers while the city rebuilds after this disaster.

The Things We Find Inside

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. That sunrise must have been something to see in person! Thank goodness your fmaily escaped the path of the tornado.

  2. so glad to hear your family is ok!!!


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