Friday, September 30, 2011

I Love Surprises!

Yesterday afternoon the clouds rolled in and we got a little rain.  I didn't even think there was a chance in the forecast so it was a great surprise.  We didn't get a lot of rain, but I still enjoyed the thunder and lightening.  This meant that we didn't go walking yesterday evening, but we did have movie night...which was awesome.  The movie we watched was not...Friends with Money...I didn't like it.

For dinner we had chicken, seasoned in allegro marinade, roasted cauliflower and roasted sweet potato.  It was delicious.  Dinner came in at 8 weight watchers points.

I was surprised at how few points a boneless skinless chicken thigh was.  Because of this I had lots of points left over for the day, so we had popcorn while we watched the movie.  It made the movie a little better.  :)

My friend remember her from Thursday! and A Little Bit of Everything...she brought me presents yesterday!  She knows I love Mary Engelbreit and she got me some cute nail files.  And it was perfect timing too...I needed one when she gave them to me.

And I realized that I have mentioned working out with Rebecca for a while on the blog and her picture hasn't graced the pages since this post: BRAtober - cocktail party for a good cause.  I didn't want her to be jealous of Roberta and dump me as a workout buddy so I thought I better get her up here.  I have no pictures of us working out together, so you will have to settle for one of the party pictures.  All three of us are doing the Race for the Cure on Saturday morning, so maybe there will be a picture coming of all three of us in workout gear together.

Hi Rebecca!
Let's hope Rebecca likes surprises as much as I do!

Today the pen color will be yellow, since I am feeling bright.  HA!

It could be because it is Friday.  TGIF!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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