Monday, October 3, 2011

Race for the Cure and Weigh In

On Saturday Roberta, Rebecca and I participated in the Race for the Cure here in Houston.  We had a beautiful day for a 5K!

Roberta ran, Rebecca and I ran and walked. On Friday I promised you a picture of all three of us together (remember this post?).

Rebecca, Roberta and Ema :)
This race is so inspirational in so many ways.  The sheer number of people that come out to participate is just amazing.  As we were headed toward the finish line, there were still hundreds of people just starting the race.

Headed toward the finish line.
One of the announcers said that they capped registration at 35,000 people!  WOW.

Highest bib number I've ever had.
The Houston community was out participating in all kinds of ways.  Local radio stations were set up along the route to provide music, high school cheerleaders were cheering us on, high school bands were playing was amazing.  We ran into Clutch from the Houston Rockets sporting his pink duds.

Hi Clutch!
Everything you can think of was appearing for the event in pink.

pink yellow cabs
pink potties
Like I said...amazing.  Some of the coolest shirts I saw had sayings like:

"Fight Like a Girl"
"Coogs for Boobs" (UH Cougars, just in case you missed that)
"Second Base Security Team"

But by far the most inspirational part was the number of survivors and fighters out there running or walking the race.  Literally gave me goose bumps.

After the race, we of course headed straight to the ice house for a beer.  Duh.

The owner of the ice house got a new puppy.  He was so cute, I couldn't help but include a picture of him.

And now for the weigh in...

This week: +1.6
Previously: -7.9
So far:        -6.3

Yes, the scale said I gained this week.  I was sad and confused by the scale this morning.  I stayed on plan with weight watchers all week.  I recorded everything that went into my mouth.  My only change was activity.  I was so tired last week and I didn't get as much activity in.  I could dwell on this as a problem or I could focus on the the fact that my pants still feel loose.  I choose to focus on the loose pants, so I will.  Hopefully next week the scale will have better news for me.  One of my Weight Watchers friends left me a wonderful note this morning.  She said, "Just remember Weight Loss rarely happens in a straight line!"  I like it.

Today the pen color will be orange since it is feeling slightly like fall today.

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Congrats!!!! On everything, the race and losing 6 pounds!

  2. that is a huge race! I love March for Babies for the inspiration, and sadly those who walk in memory of a little one....

    love reading about your adventures!


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