Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Set Backs Make Us Stronger

At least I hope they do.  I got the scale to move, but it moved in the wrong direction.  Oops.  On the plus side, I got lots of rest this weekend.  It was a fabulous long weekend, I just should have moved more.  I will be correcting that this week and hopefully I can get the scale going in the correct direction.  Nothing is fitting tighter, so that is the upside of the scale news this morning.

In other news the Gruene 10K is this coming Saturday and I am excited.  My hubby Daniel will be walking it with me.  My awesome friends Kasey and Roberta will be running it.  We will be spending Saturday afternoon at Gruene Hall enjoying music and a few ice cold beers (of course).  One of the best parts of all this is that instead of a 4 day work week this week, I have a 3 day work week!  YAY!  We will be leaving for Gruene on Friday so I took that day off.  Daniel only works until 11:30 AM on Fridays anyway, so he didn't take the morning off we will be headed to Gruene as soon as he gets home.  I am looking forward to a weekend away and a nice long walk. 

I hope the weather we enjoyed this weekend continues, but some rain this week would be excellent.  The wild fires burning in Texas are devastating and we could definitely use some moisture.  I've been thinking about everyone effected.  My thoughts and prayers are with those in harms way and with those fighting the fires.  God Bless Texas!


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