Monday, September 12, 2011

Enjoying My Monday

That sounds weird doesn't it?  It sounded weird to me when I typed it.  A soul searching weekend can make you enjoy your Mondays more.  Good to know.

I went to yoga at lunch and it was fantastic.  Our teacher, Kathy, told us to think of a vision or a word to dedicate our practice to today and I chose health.  I thought it was a good choice.  When we were nearing the end of our practice Kathy mentioned how hard we as women can be on ourselves.  We are easy on/nicer to each other and are very hard on ourselves.  So true.  It reminded me of looking in the mirror over the weekend (post here in case you missed it this morning).  I was objective, but I was probably not as nice to myself as I should have been.  Thanks Kathy for reminding me to be just as nice to myself.

Speaking of being nice, guess what my co-worker Catherine pointed out?  If there were only 4 people walking we didn't finish after all those other people.  We finished right along with all the other walkers.  I like her thinking.  I don't think the other two walkers actually crossed the finish line, they detoured right to refreshments, so technically Daniel and I finished first!  LOL.  Thanks, Catherine!

In pen color news today, I was using a bright pink pen, but it was a roller ball pen and not a felt tip...I prefer the felt tip.

I do like the cap of this pen a lot though.
Have a wonderful evening!

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