Monday, September 12, 2011

Finishing Last is Still Finishing

This weekend we went to Gruene, Texas to walk the Gruene 10K.  I love Gruene, it is a beautiful town in the hill country and we had a great weekend.  It was a very thoughtful weekend and one that encouraged me to make great commitments to myself.

We rolled into Gruene Friday afternoon.  My friends Kasey and Roberta were also signed up for the race.  They were running since they are in better shape.  It turns out that Daniel and I were two of only four people walking the race.  So it should not shock you that we finished at the end of the heap, which is goal was to finish.  Next year my goal will be to finish in a shorter time than I finished this year.  I think those are good goals.  To give you an idea of how many people finished ahead of me...

The race was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be which really made me think about how much I need to commit to getting back in shape.  I can do this.  The hill country is hilly!!!  Hmmm...I wonder...

Another thing that made me think...a lot...was the mirror in my hotel room.  It was positioned so that from my side of the bed I could see myself.  So when I was sitting watching TV or lying down to go to sleep I could see myself.  I could not hide from my reflection.  It is easy to picture yourself how others see you when the true image isn't staring you in the face.  My picture was a lot cuter than that reflection.  I was objective...I did look at myself and thought I was pretty, but I definitely saw room for improvement, and I could feel it too! 

This morning I signed back up for Weight Watchers online.  I have used it and been very successful with it before.  I like the ability to track my food intake and workouts and have a progress chart of my weight and goals.

I did some great soul searching this weekend.  And it was a beautiful place to do it.

I loved the barrel planters.  They were everywhere!

The weather the morning of the 10K was nice and cool.  I loved it.  The woman who sang the national anthem had a beautiful voice.

This old dude with attitude was awesome.  He was part of a running group and a lot of them placed in their categories. 

They do have attitude!
We were teasing Daniel for trying to get a great shot of us in front of the Gruene water tower.  He's such a cutie.

We had dinner Saturday night at a wonderful restaurant called Gruene River Grill.  It was delicious.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and we could tell they make all their own bread...nice. On the way out I stopped in the rest room.  I was so happy to see this on the door, since I didn't have my graffiti pen with me.

I hope you had a wonderful enlightening weekend as well! 

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