Thursday, September 22, 2011


Happy Thursday!  More importantly happy that tomorrow is Friday day!! 

Yesterday after work Roberta and I went to Memorial Park to walk/run.  It turned out to be 56 minutes of walking and four of running, but hey it's a running start.  My guess is that we covered a little better than 3 miles...I forgot to use my handy map your walk app.  Here we are when we arrived...all smiley and chatty.

This is fun!
Here we are when we were happy to be finished.  I have learned that I should let Roberta take the photos so she doesn't have to stand on her tippy toes to get in the picture.  Sorry Bird.

We did both rock our Life is Good shirts, so we were quite the cool pair.  Memorial Park is very crowded in the evening so it took us a while to get back out of the parking area.  Of course I took pictures while we waited.


Cool blurry action photo.
And for dinner...popcorn!!

Don't judge.
I had to go pick up Sammy from my mom's house after the park so I didn't get home until around 8 and cooking was just not something I was willing to do.  I wanted something buttery and salty delicious.  And this was 8 weight watchers points of buttery deliciousness.  Of course not the most well balanced meal, but it sure did hit the spot.

OH!  Look what my mom brought me!

Halloween sticky notes!!!
They go wonderfully with my Halloween pencils.  Yes, it is still in the 90s outside, but I have a feeling the fall decorations will be coming out at my house this weekend.  Get ready Daniel!  And what other color could be the pen color of the day today?

In other totally unrelated news...I really like the earrings I have on today.

Happy almost Friday!!!

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