Friday, September 2, 2011

Duh Moment

I had what I wish I could call an ah ha moment this morning, but it was really more of a duh moment.  I hope I am not alone in my duh moment, but if I am I guess I am okay with that.  Anyone else burn their fingers on the little metal thing that holds your curling iron up off the counter?  And when you go to use the iron you have to fold the metal thing down and owie?

Future Burned Fingers
Well...if you don't let the metal stand touch the iron it doesn't get hot.  DUH!  I consider myself to be a fairly smart gal...but sometimes I am not so bright.

No Pain...WOW!
Speaking of not being so bright...I had pizza for dinner last night.  Certainly not my wisest choice, but I mentioned yesterday I was having a very average food week.  It wasn't bad that I chose to have pizza, I could have easily had one or two small pieces and a big salad, instead of eating 800 pieces of pizza like someone was going to take it away from me and not having any veggies at all.  I am not going to waste time beating myself up over it.  I will just move on...the gym bag is packed and ready for a lunch time workout.  Chin(s) up.

The pen color today is pink!  This is in honor of my friend Carol who FBed me after one of my first pen posts about how fun bright colored pens are.  Well, she FBed me again last night to tell me that she found some pink pens at home and she was taking then to work with her.  Yay for bright colored pens!  Enjoy your meetings today, Carol!

Happy Friday everyone!!  Have a fabulous long weekend!!


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