Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday

Too bad I was not being thoughtful tomorrow morning...Thoughtful Thursday would have been a much more catchy title.  Oh, well...I suppose I cannot help when I am thoughtful.

Last night my husband and I were out so we stopped for dinner.  I was faced with the menu and it had many healthy choices.  I did not make a healthy choice and then I was bummed out.  It is interesting that I know what I should do, what I need to do and then I make an opposite choice.  Why is it so hard?  I can say I didn't over eat, I didn't stuff myself until I felt terrible, but I did choose a much higher calorie option that other options I was given.  Later that evening I saw a quote on Twitter.

"Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going."

Wow.  So true.  I worked out yesterday, which was awesome and I made good food choices at all my other meals except for dinner.  I am eating like a person who is maintaining a healthy weight and not one trying to loose weight.  It is a hard balance to keep.  I am trying to change the way I live and how I make my food choices and in a lot of ways I am succeeding, but during this time where I am trying to loose weight I need to make those good choices at every meal, not just some meals.

"A year from now you may wish you had started today."

Thank you Twitter and @GreatestQuotes for motivating me and making me think.  I needed some good inspiration to get my mind moving.  I am making good habits, for the past 4 years or so working out has become a regular part of my life.  For that I am super grateful.  It is something I do whether I want to or not because I know it makes me feel good.  Now to just get all the other habits to fall into place too.

And now for the moment you have been waiting for!  The pen color of the day is red!  Yesterday was lime green.

Joining my fabulous pen vase are two wildly fantastic pencils (get it?).  I am so funny.

I cleaned out a drawer at home and they were just waiting to be discovered.  They are fun.

I hope everyone's short week is going well!


  1. It's great that you made working out a habit! Four years wow! I wish I could just get started. Please post about the DIY projects you and Daniel do. You are so creative, so I can't wait to see them.

  2. They are going to be fun! My mom doesn't want to manage her house anymore so Daniel and I are taking over! She has a cute bungalow, so we will be doing lots of fun kitchen work and other stuff! I'm SO excited!

  3. great motivational thoughts, I have the same problem - i know what I should do, but often don't (like tonight when i did a 'shot' of m&ms) and then am mad at myself, but i know i've made progress...

  4. I'm so happy I'm not alone Carol!! We do make progress, but I think we are harder on ourselves for our missteps than we are excited about achievements.


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