Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Evening in the Life

We had an awesome evening, but it was very much more of the same.  Daniel and I went walking and I took bad pictures.

What tops of our heads?
Go Dano go!
Then we came in and made baked tilapia and salads with awesome balsamic dressing.  You can find the recipes on my recipes page.

Rebecca joined us for dinner (the menu was at her request and she approved!) and she and I checked out the info for Saturday's Race for the Cure and planned our parking strategy.

Tuesday Sammy got a new toy.  It is a red ring toy...she had one when she was a puppy and it lasted a couple of years.  She loved that one and she is loving the new one.  We used to call it her pillow and I forgot about that fact until I came in and saw this.

"I don't know why they called it my pillow."
Silly dog.

The pen color today will be pink.  It feels like a pink day...

Enjoy your Thursday!

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