Friday, October 14, 2011

Dinner Party and Festivals

Last night my awesome friend, workout buddy and neighbor Rebecca (yes, that is her official title) had us over for dinner.

We had a little wine.
Rebecca made the most awesome stuffed bell peppers...they were amazing!

Ready for the oven
I do not know the complete list of details for her recipe, but I know that she had blanched the peppers, stuffed them with ground elk meat that she had cooked with sauteed onion and garlic.  To the cooked elk mixture she added Lawry's season salt, a little bread crumbs and one egg's worth of egg beaters.  Before baking she added a bread crumb and Parmesan cheese mix to the top.  For you weight watchers out there, elk meat is a great substitute for is delicious and comes in at the same points value per ounce as chicken.  It really rocks.

She served  the peppers with salad and a wild rice mix.  It was fantastic.  On a side not Rebecca tried making the Awesome Balsamic Dressing with red wine vinegar instead of balsamic and it was really good.  She said the only thing she did differently to the recipe (besides switching the vinegars) was add a little bit of splenda.  I liked the variation a lot.

For dessert we did a little beer tasting of a beer Rebecca's brother Cody brewed.  It was very good.  Tasted to me like fall in a glass.

And of course a blog about dinner at Rebecca's would not be complete without a picture of her pup Leo.  Isn't he a cutie?

Thanks for having us over Rebecca!
Last weekend I told you that we went to the Greek Festival and this weekend we are going to the Italian Festival!  The cool thing that I like about these two festivals, besides that they are on back to back weekends, is that they are also within blocks of each other and both are right in our neighborhood!  Plus since I work at the University of St. Thomas and that is also where the Italian Festival takes place, I get to go for free!  Definite bonus!

I will let you know on Monday how the festival was, until then I will leave you with a super cute picture from last weekend's Greek Festival.

At the Greek Fest they were selling those scarf type wraps that have the metal pieces on them that jingle (reminds me of a belly dancing skirt...and if anyone out there knows the name for these, please tell me...I would love to know...I tried to find out and didn't come up with anything).  This precious toddler was out and about in was so cute!  She was busy walking and jingling.

And today I am going to be wild and crazy and not pick a pen color.  I am going to mix it up!  Happy Friday!

Now tell me, have you tried any interesting meats?  Venison?  Elk?  Buffalo?


  1. OK, so here's my question: aside from going out and killing your own elk, where does one buy elk meat?

  2. Specialty meat markets do carry elk. There is one here in Houston. You would have to google where to purchase it near you. They also carry venison and buffalo.

  3. Elk roast is the most delicious meat I have ever eaten! It was soooooo good!

  4. HA! Hi Erin! I agree...elk roast is also delicious!


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