Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seasons Change, Change is Good

Rebecca and I knocked out 1.8 miles this morning and it was awesome.  The weather is beautiful!  It finally feels a little like fall here in Houston.

Another exciting change is on the horizon, Daniel and I will be moving into a cute bungalow near the museum district in about 6 months.  The house needs some work in the kitchen and in the front bathroom, so we are brushing up on our DIY skills.

These were some items that I was already liking for the kitchen/breakfast room area.  I think that the breakfast room would look great without the cabinet doors to create shelving for cookbooks and pretty accessories.  We are thinking of browns and khakis for the kitchen as far as a color pallet, but I must admit I really like the white in the picture above.

Last weekend we wandered through Lowe's for more inspiration and ideas.  We are considering a stained concrete counter top and we were liking this possibility for stain.

The breakfast room will get new lighting and this was the closest I saw at Lowe's to my inspiration picture.

 Cute, but I like the other one better.

We are thinking of wood type flooring for the kitchen least a wood look.

 We want to put fans in all the bedrooms and replace the one in the kitchen.

So many fans.
In the bathroom we would like to replace the old style pedestal sink with a new vanity.  I really liked this one.

With brushed nickel faucets...

This toilet seat will not be an option.

And a new front porch light.

I am excited about all the possibilities...I am sure you will hear lots more about it as we count down the months.

Today the pen color is pink.  I like pink, even in the fall.

What DIY projects have you tried?  How did they work out for you?


  1. exciting! house projects can be fun :)

  2. I am sure I will be tired of them by the time we are finished, but I am super excited!


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