Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Date Night!

Daniel surprised me with an email at the end of the work day yesterday asking me out on a date.  I had plans for a trip to Academy with Rebecca, but she kindly let me cancel on her.  She's so sweet.  Daniel and I picked up a bottle of wine and went to Sophia a super cute neighborhood restaurant where you bring your own wine.  The weather was awesome so we sat don't pass up chances to sit outside in Houston.

My handsome date.

What a fabulous threesome, right?  This wine was one of our favorites from our weekend trip to Lake Travis last April.  We had lunch at the winery and it was awesome.  My post Relaxing Weekend has more information if you're interested.  I sure did drink 11 points worth of this wine at dinner.  It was worth it.

We started off with the baked brie, which is amazing!  Luckily it isn't too much brie and it comes with a dressing-less salad, roasted garlic, candied walnuts (which are spicy so I skip them), homemade jam and toasted bread.  Delicious! I calculated my portion of the appetizer in at 13 points.

This appetizer and the wine were the bulk of my points for the evening as I ordered a salad with peanut dressing on the side for dinner.  My picture isn't so great since it was getting dark outside and I had already taken a bite before I remembered to take a picture.  :)

I used all my points for the day and 7 of my weekly points.  I usually try not to touch those, but this lovely evening with my hubby was SO worth it.

Rebecca and I headed out for our walk this morning and knocked out 1.87 miles, so that also made me feel like my date night was worth it!  It feels good to get a workout done in the morning...then if I end up missing my lunch time gym trip it isn't the end of the world.

I am sticking with pink for the pen color today.  It just feels right.

Tonight I am making my healthy version of chicken piccata, so if everything turns out well, that recipe will be starring on the the blog tomorrow.  Yum!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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