Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's Talk Lunches and Darts

I don't know about you, but I work in an office, so I try to bring my lunch with me.  It just makes sense, it is less expensive, there is nothing to think about when it comes to lunch time and I know just how many points + are in my guessing.  The downside, if you are anything like me, make ahead lunches can be BORING...not to mention frozen dinners...let's not go there.  I try to avoid frozen dinners, but there are some tasty ones that can be useful in a time crunch situation.

I typically decide what types of lunches I will be bringing for the week on the weekend so I can get everything I need at the grocery store.  I try to make only one trip to the store a week, so planning really helps.  I usually cycle through these options: soup, salad and leftovers.  This week is salads.

Pretty...this is before tossing.

My salads this week will contain baby spring mix, spinach, red onion, cucumber and hearts of palm.  It will of course be dressed with Awesome Balsamic Dressing.  For protein I am adding imitation crab meat...I always think that sounds so gross, but it is so tasty.

Salad post tossing and adding crab meat - not as pretty
I use Sunday evening as a time to prep things for lunches for the may have noticed that in a lot of my weekend recaps I have mentioned prepping for the week.  In my post Sunday Preparation I go into lots of details from that Sunday.  If I have planned soup for lunches, I will make that on Sunday and then portion it out for myself and my husband so it's ready for grabbing and going all week.  Some weeks I like to prep vegetables, so my lunch has ready to go veggie sides and I will get my protein by cooking extra chicken, beef, pork, etc for dinners each night so we will have a serving to go with our veggies the next day.  It makes lunch time pretty darn easy, which is good since I like to spend most of my lunch hour at the gym!

Last night I played darts.  I used to be an active player in the dart league managed by the Harris County Dart Association.  I still sub for a team and they needed me last night.  They will actually need me the next two Wednesdays as well.  It is fun to play...even though I am rusty.

Yes, those are my darts and yes, those are camo flights.
The match consists of the games 301, 501, 1001 and Cricket.  In all there are 13 games to a match.  We did not win and that is okay with me, I still had fun.  I like being the sub that everyone thinks won't hit anything and then throwing a ton-twenty-one in 501.  In dart lingo they call 100 points a ton, so my ton-twenty-one was 121 points consisting of two triple 20's and a single one.

The outside ring is doubles, the inside ring is triples, and the center of course is the bullseye.

The only thing that could have been better about that shot was if I hadn't messed it up with the single one.  A single twenty or even a triple twenty would have been so much cooler, but I will take it.  You might wonder why there are no people in my stunning dart photos and that would be because dart players can be finicky while they are throwing in league and do not like to be distracted.

Score board for a game of Cricket
Little or widely known fact depending on how well you know me...I met my husband playing darts.  He will love that this story is making the blog.  Anyway it was back when I was an active player in the league and he came in with his friend John that I knew from league to play darts.  I was playing with a friend from my team, Matthew.  So Matthew and I agreed to play Daniel (the now husband) and John in doubles Cricket.  Apparently, I was being competitive and talking some smack (I of course don't remember this part, since I never talk smack during a dart game with friends) and apparently Daniel not knowing me and knowing I had the skills to back up the talk was a thrown off by the chick with the darts.  I know this because the first thing my husband ever said directly to me was, "I'm not losing to the likes of you."  Great pick up line right?  He then walked to the restroom, at which point I asked Matthew his name and said he's kind of cute.  Ha!  If you know my husband you know that he is the sweetest guy on earth and that he was just talking back.  Case in point, this coming Saturday marks 6 years since our first date.  The date during which he cooked me dinner...tomatoes stuffed with feta, rice and shrimp (he even put the tops back on the tomatoes); roasted vegetables; salad and hand made chocolate dipped strawberries.  :)

Oh, and by the way...he did lose to the likes of me.

Today the pen color is red...well because that's the color of the double bull.

So tell me, what silly "sports" do you compete in and/or do you have any awesome lunch ideas??

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