Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

At least that's what I'm planning for!  Yesterday evening Rebecca, Daniel and I went on a walk and covered 1.67 miles.  Rebecca and I went this morning and covered another 1.6 miles.  I am feeling good and back on track!  I think I have found the 10 lb reward.  I love these shoes!

Cute, yes?

Last night's dinner was awesome!   If you have read some of my posts you know that I am loving the Allegro marinade (details here) and I used it last night to marinate our steaks, which isn't a shocker.  The new thing I did was also used it to saute some mushrooms.  So good!

In the grill pan I use to cook the steaks, I added a spray of olive oil, chopped garlic and sliced mushrooms.  I then drizzled in the Allegro and let them cook.  When they were pretty much done I sprinkled them with garlic salt.  I removed them from the pan to cook the steaks and then added them back while the steaks were resting to make sure they were hot.  Delicious.  Daniel put his right on top of his steak...I put them next to mine because I like to keep my options open.  :)

Some beautiful yellow squash rounded out the meal.  This dinner came in at at 5 weight watchers points + and all of that was for the 2 ounces of steak, everything else was point free.  For dessert I had a Weight Watchers dark chocolate raspberry ice cream bar...I love those!

Like heaven!

Today the pen color will be orange because it just feels right.

Tonight I play darts...should be fun especially since I actually practiced over the weekend.

Do you give yourself rewards for weight loss milestones or healthy living accomplishments?


  1. These shoes are so cute! Perfect for fall!

  2. I think so too!! But I tend to gravitate toward orange shoes! :)


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