Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wonderful Wacky Wednesday

I have been very energetic this morning!  It feels great!  I was up at 5:30 for some coffee with the husband before a two mile walk with the workout buddy Rebecca.  After my walk I watered plants and cleaned...I was so productive!

Sammy spilled a little coffee on me which was not so pleasant.

Bad Dog!
But you really can't stay mad at this face.

Tonight I am playing darts again for the last time this season.  I am mostly happy about that.  Darts is fun, but it messes with my evening schedule and after a less than stellar start to the week food wise, especially following this weekend (which you can read about here: Weekend Recap and Weigh In) I don't need any speed bumps in my schedule.

On the positive side, my Weight Watchers community friends rock.  As mentioned the start to my week has been kind of crummy food wise and last night I had a Jimmy John's sandwich for dinner, delicious, but super high in points...I told my husband I had sandwich eaters remorse.  And I posted this on my Weight Watchers profile.

Support like that is awesome!!  I have had a great morning and I plan for a great day.

The pen color today is black.

I hope you have a fabulous day!!

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