Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekly Finds

The lamps that I had been wanting for the side board in the dining room found me last week while I was in Target.  I stopped in to pick up a birthday present for the nephew and I was cutting back through the store to check out via the lamp aisle and there they were.

Hello lovelies.

They were on sale for 25 bucks including the shades which I think is a great deal for a cute lamp and I used my Target card and got 5% off.  I like the 5% off at Target.

I picked up the cute tassels at Hobby Lobby for three dollars each.  I love a pretty tassel on a lamp.

Details on the lamps: Target
Details on the tassels: Hobby Lobby

I organized my jewelry box over the weekend and and found these two gems that I decided needed to hang on wall above my bedside table.

 I think they compliment what I already had on the wall nicely.

Two great quotes.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Enjoy your Tuesday!

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