Monday, November 21, 2011

Weigh In

You can find the weekend recap in a separate post...I didn't want my pity party to take away from good news.

Let's start with the weigh in.  I started not to get on the scale this morning and just post that I had gained.  I knew I had, I stopped tracking about Wednesday last week and I knew there was no way I hadn't gained, plus (skip ahead to the next paragraph if you wish to avoid TMI) I was PMSing like a crazy person and I am still feeling bloated this morning.  Anyway, I thought it would be better to just face the music, put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

And what did I find?  Well, that I am dealing with a 6 pound gain.  Awesome.  I have considered that some of that is probably water weight, and I am sure it is.  Great.  It doesn't change the fact that I did not listen to my body or my mind for that matter last week.  I was lazy, my workouts were not super strong and they were not as consistent.  What makes it worse?  I knew that moving more would make me feel better; but that didn't get me off my butt for a workout.  It is SO frustrating and discouraging to me...I know that working out makes me feel good, but I was still lazy.

Then there was the eating.

There was some that was thoughtful fabulous indulgence, for example Daniel and I had dinner at Canopy on Saturday night.  I ordered the herb seared scallops with asparagus and butternut squash risotto and balsamic reduction.  It was delicious and worth every calorie.  I ate until I was satisfied, but not too full and then stopped.  It was great and I felt good about it.

There was some eating that was thoughtless and useless, like a stop for fast food after a party (and a few too many cocktails) on Saturday.  Did I enjoy it while I was eating it?  No, not really.  I was actually thinking about how I wouldn't be happy with myself later.

Now, what do I take away from this?  On the positive, I am learning.  I was right about how I would feel about the fast food...I felt terrible Sunday morning.  Not from a headache and hangover, but because my stomach was so unhappy with me.  I can walk away from the experience knowing that once I make the connection to actually listen to my head and my body that I will have made leaps and bounds of progress.  Right now I am still at baby steps, but at least in my mind they are steps in the right direction.  Now just to master the listening to myself.

What's my plan for this week?  I plan not to be intimidated by Thanksgiving.  I do not have to overload my plate and there will be healthy choices to make.  I plan to focus on my family.  My nieces are in town, there is a lot of opportunity for activity points to be had with three energetic gals.  I plan to take it one day at a time.  I am heading for yoga at lunch time, I am always makes me feel good.  Tonight I am making my baked tilapia for dinner.  It's easy, delicious and HEALTHY!

Here is how the weigh in broke down.

Previously: -8.6
This week: +6.0
Total:          -2.6

All I can do is move forward and continue to improve, right?  Right.


  1. learn from it and put it behind you, good to think of it as a new day and not go 'oh hell its the holidays!' and feel worse and worse.

    being active is good! we've started going for walks some evenings, good for me, K and our fat puppy

  2. All you can do is move on. And it's would be easier to say oh, well it's the holidays...but that's not what we want to do. :)


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