Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wow! It's Wednesday!

What a crazy busy week this has been!  I can't believe it is already Wednesday, I haven't even done the Weekend Recap yet this week.  I will get to that now.

The biggest event and accomplishment this weekend was the arrival of Patriots Junk Removal on Saturday morning.

They came and picked up all of this.

And they were fantastic.  Patriot Junk Removal recycles as much as they can that they pick up so it was nice to know they were just going to go dump all this stuff in a land fill.  They picked up what was left of the construction junk, a few small old TVs that needed to be recycled, lots of boxes and much much more.  They have great prices and they give a discount to veterans.  Nice.  I am not a vet but the husband is.  The two gentlemen that arrived to remove this junk were ex-Navy, so of course the husband had lots to talk to them about.  The guys were awesome, quick and cleaned up the space when they were done.  We will be calling them again when we clean out the attic.

In other weekend news my storage bench arrived.

Love.  I am very much looking forward to having everything finished and being able to do before and after posts of the rooms in the house.  Patience.

A cool front came through Houston this weekend.  I think it is funny that they call it that on the news.  It really meant we were having lower humidity, our highs were still in the low 90's.  I will be honest though, I really liked it.  It was so nice out.

Sammy approved.  It meant her family enjoyed sitting out on the deck throwing the ball for her even more so they stayed longer.

Happy girl.

She also enjoyed Sunday night football.


The absence of humidity and the lower temps also made my walks across the campus of the University of St. Thomas much more enjoyable.  Monday and Tuesday were beautiful.

I had to pause for pictures to extend my walks.

This morning the humidity is back.  Sigh.  My mom's favorite quote from the weather man on high humidity days is, "Going outside today feels like you are being hit in the face with a wet mop."  It wasn't that bad this morning, but it wasn't great.

On the happy list for the week: getting the rest of the items packed for donation out of the house.  I delivered donations to 3 locations at lunch yesterday and I will be heading back to one of them today to take the last load.  Our friends are opening a resale store in the Houston Heights; they are calling it Style Cycle (super cute right?).  Anyway, I have lots of vintage purses and some clothes and a very cute lamp to drop off to them today.  I think it is so funny that the Dooney & Burke and Coach purses I collected in high school are vintage now.  I try not to think what that means about how old young I am.

My lunch time victory yesterday:

as posted on my WW online community page

I'll take it.  The accomplishment at lunch time today will mean ALL the donation things are out of the house.  The painter will be back tomorrow morning to paint the dining room.  Yay!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


  1. Love getting junk out of my life! not hitting the drive thru is a big win, go Ema. your UST photos reminded me, did you see that UST is having a photo contest?

    1. I did see that. I am not such a great photog though. I get lucky every now and then. :)


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