Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

Houston, we have a home!  This weekend was fantastic!!  We spent time getting the clutter that had invaded corners in various rooms either corralled and organized into the box room (the room that will eventually be the den) or put away (crazy talk!!).  It is so nice to have all of the rooms of the house organized and clutter free!  I even did some dusting.

The awesome find of the weekend was curtains for the dining room.  I wasn't sure what to look for, but we found the perfect ones.  We were working with a cranberry dining room with an oriental rug and chairs that have elephants walking across their seats.

The dining room furniture belonged to my grandparents and when my mother inherited it she recovered the chairs.  I believe the fabric is actually called walking elephants.

I think it is pretty cute.  We went to Pier 1 as a first stop to browse for curtains.  Thanks to my sister for mentioning Pier 1...I love that place, but it hadn't crossed my mind for curtains.  It should was the only place we went.

I was picturing a medium to dark brown, so I totally passed the curtains we chose over on first glance.  I was thinking their background was too light.  The husband pulled this curtain out and said what about this one, it has elephants on it.  At first I thought he might be joking, but when I actually looked at the curtains he was showing me they were perfect!

I love them.  Don't be jealous that my husband can pick perfect curtains.  Actually do be...he can pick the perfect shoes too.  The dining room will be finished once we move out the blinds that are still there and hang a few plates on the wall.  We had dinner in there on Saturday night and all (the husband, the mom and me) just sat and talked and felt fancy.  It was fun, especially since we were wearing work out clothes.  Ha!

In the kitchen I got the rest of the things that needed hanging hung.  That included my awesome "hooks" by the back door.

I love these door knob hooks.  I got them on sale a while ago at J.C. Penney.  They are even cuter in this house than they were in our apartment.  The house has the actual vintage crystal door knobs on every door.  I love them.

On  Sunday I cleaned and watched the Texans...they won...yay.  And by Sunday evening I was ready to decorate for fall.

A couple of these cute pillows came home with the curtains from Pier 1, I think they are super cute.  And I am pleased with how my fall mantle turned out.

Sammy said we did a great job and she is so excited about everything she is ready to play to celebrate.

Smart girl.

I just found two super cool new blogs to check out Still Being [Molly] and Lip Gloss and Crayons.  They have a Monday link up, so I am joining the fun!  If you are here from #Yolo Mondays, welcome, thanks for stopping by.  I like parties that are celebrating anything we want!   


Happy Monday to you.  I hope you have a great week!  How was your weekend? 


  1. great curtains! and hooray for unexpected places to find *exactly* what you need.

  2. Its such a great feeling when you find exactly what you're looking for. I might have to look for the bone that Sammy has. Maybe my retriever wont demolish it, since it seems to have held up with yours! Here from YOLO, have a great week :)

    1. It takes Sammy a long time to need a replacement for one of those toys. They are by Tuffy...I find them at any of the pet places like Petco/Petsmart and I have also found them at Bed Bath and Beyond which is nice since you can use a coupon. She is 3 and she has had that bone her whole life...she is just now wearing a hole in it. They are great indoor toys. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I LOVE the back square pieces of your door knob hooks! Did you buy those at JCP also or did you make them? I have tried a million Google searches and cant find anything like them. Thank you!!


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