Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend.  I hope you did too!  Friday Funday took us down to Discovery Green where we took in the beautiful day.

We sat on this great deck at The Grove.

And had a light lunch and possibly a drink.  :)

Quail Skewers

It was a lovely afternoon.

Friday also marked the grand opening of the Trader Joe's in Houston.  The husband and I decided we would wait until after opening weekend to check it out.  When we drove by on Friday there was an open parking space right in the front!

An open parking space!!!

The husband wouldn't let me stop.  Just kidding, but there was an open space taunting us.  I am excited to check this store out.  With all the healthy living blogs I frequent, I have heard great things about this place.

Saturday was a day of house warming parties!  We started at Kasey and Jack's.  Kasey is the BFF and super talented photographer and creative chica extraordinaire.

Hello gorgeous living room

I loved what Kasey did with the turquoise accents.  I think her living room is gorgeous and very relaxing.

Plus, she has the sweetest cat in all the world.

Hello Beau!
From Kasey's house we were off to Rebecca's.  We have been warming Rebecca's house for a while, but Saturday was the official house warming party.  :)

Sunday was kind of disappointing.  I had our massages on the calendar.  We were very excited until we realized that the actual massage date is the 30th.  Something to look forward to this weekend I suppose.

We did watch the Texans win.  They are 3-0 for the season.  Woohoo!

Trixie is a huge football fan.

All in all it was a fantastic, fun, relaxing weekend.  I'm linking up again today for Yolo Monday!


I hope you also had a great weekend!


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