Friday, September 14, 2012

Cranberry Dining Room

My dining room is cranberry!!

It is going to be fantastic when it's done.  The final coat is going on today.  My projects this weekend will include unpacking the dining room and getting some pretty curtains for the room.  These blinds are leaving.  Here is the boring dining color room before.

Trixie loves the buffet.  I told her to roll around up there and dust.  :)

I am excited to get home and start working.

And as a Friday funny for you...

Sammy the reluctant princess.

I found this unpacking last weekend.  It is a headband I wore to my nephew's first birthday party which was a hat party.  It was a kid sized headband and it fit Sam perfectly.  I had to hold her collar to get her to sit still for the picture.  LOL.

Happy Friday!!  What are your weekend plans?

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