Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hello September!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.  I would love to welcome some cooler temperatures along with welcoming the new month.  I will keep my fingers crossed.  The rest of this week is going to be hot.  Ugh.

We got a lot done this weekend, but before we go into that...

Happy happy birthday to my niece Chelsie!!!!  I love this beautiful girl!  Have a great day Chelsie!

This weekend involved lots of unpacking, organizing, cleaning out and repacking.  Lots of fun right?  We got all the various holiday decorations packaged into large plastic containers and stored in the attic.  Getting that organized was a huge accomplishment.  We also got lots of items loaded up for donation.  I did find a couple of treasures as I unpacked the few remaining boxes.  I found my jewelry box and all my jewelry making supplies.  Yay.  And look at these shoes I found.

Didn't even remember these...like Christmas!

We won't be able to call the den the box room much longer.  So exciting!

Friday my sis-in-law came over for dinner and brought me a present.

Cute, right?

Saturday I got packages!  I love getting packages.  I'm crazy, I know.

These are heading to the gym with me at lunch!

Sammy's new collar.

I am already looking forward to next weekend, is that wrong?  We have some people coming to pick up all the paper trash, construction trash and odds and ends that we have left and take it for recycling.  It will be nice to have the garage and piece of the driveway cleaned out!

Progress makes me smile!!  How was your weekend?

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