Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday and Weigh In

Do you know what's great about a three day weekend?  A four day work week.  It is already Wednesday and I am more than okay with it.

I have been very reflective last night and this morning.  As the fall begins I am noticing that I have many friends going through huge life changes.  Some of them very exciting and some scary and sad.  There are deaths, twins on the way, divorce, apartment hunting, child support issues, wedding planning, and several new homes to warm with parties.  Life has all kinds of twists and turns.  It makes my September calendar picture more than perfect.

Thank you Mary Engelbreit

I like plan B.  I know most people's lives don't go according to plan.  If they did, we would all be much more boring.  However, with faith and patience you seem to always get to where you need to be.  To all my friends no matter what life is challenging you with currently take a deep breath and have faith.  Love and hugs to you!

Wednesday is now my weigh in day since I am back to logging everything online with Weight Watchers AND since my scale has been located and unpacked. 

Good deal.  I am down 5.3 lbs since rejoining weight watchers.  Slow and steady.  I did make a couple of drive through visits this week, but I watched portions and even ordered a kids meal at one of them.  Imagine what kind of progress I can make if I cut those out entirely!  I know the beauty of a weight loss plan like weight watchers is that you can allow for those indulgences.  I still like to wonder what if.  :)  I have been great about the gym.  I have gone at least 3 times for the past few weeks.  Let's see what this weight watchers week has in store for me.

As you might know from yesterday's post it was my niece's birthday.  My sister shared this fantastic picture of her on Facebook yesterday and I of course stole it, ordered a print of it for my house, and must share it with you today.

My seven year old.  Yes, mine.

I was talking to Chelsie on the phone yesterday evening wishing her a happy birthday and hearing about her day.  I always joke with my nieces about what grade they are in and how old they are.  I do the how old are you now?  20?  16?  You get the idea.  Last night while I was talking with Chelsie I was doing that to her and she was laughing and right after I guessed 16 she says, "NO!  Seventeen!!" I laughed and she said, "No, seven!"  It was funny.  We are silly girls.  She reported that she had had a wonderful birthday and she got to choose what was for dinner and she and the family were going for sushi.  Good choice, Chelsie, good choice.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!  Anyone else doing any fall reflection?

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