Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grocery Store Week

I have been to a grocery store everyday this week.  A little crazy, I know.  It all started with a magazine article about a Burt's Bees body soap that I really wanted to try.  I had never really used any Burt's Bees products before this week, except for lip balm.  I looked for the soap on Tuesday at two stores starting with Trader Joe's at lunch and then during our weekly grocery store trip that evening.  The HEB didn't have the soap, but they did have this eye cream.  I'm so happy I got ever!


This eye cream made me want to try the body soap even more.  Yesterday at lunch I headed to Whole Foods since I know they have a pretty good selection of Burt's Bees.  Unfortunately they didn't carry bar soaps.  Look what I did pick up for my office.

Aren't they beautiful?  I think they will make my office very fall chipper.

So, I ended up ordering the soap online.  That won't stop me from going to a grocery store at lunch today!  My friend and co-worker Kasey has been wanting to check out the Trader Joe's as well.  I am going back over there at lunch time with her today.  I might be addicted to grocery stores.  Uh, oh.

Speaking of Kasey, she is an awesome artist.  She has a little bakery called Kakes by Klassic and check out this awesome kake she had in the office for pick up yesterday.


If you are in the Houston area and you need a kake...she's your woman!

She made this one for my niece Lindsey a while back as well.


Have a wonderful Thursday people!  Go to a grocery store!  LOL

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