Thursday, July 26, 2012

Look on the Bright Side

That is my plan today.

My daisies looked beautiful this morning.  It makes me happy for all the rain we have been getting here in Houston.

The contractor was working in the kitchen yesterday.  We are at the point that they are doing little things while they wait for the counter tops to be ready for installation.  I know they are making progress, but it isn't very visible progress and I am trying not to let that bum me out...but it kind of is.

It is also bumming me out that I am still having to eat out all the time...or most of the time.  I cannot wait to be able to cook...or even just have a kitchen sink so I can make big old salads.  I would so take that right now!

So, I continue on my happy now list...

Over the weekend the husband rearranged all the boxes and got the ones for the kitchen into the dining room so they are at the ready for unpacking as soon as the kitchen is ready.  I went through a couple of those boxes and came up with a huge stack of donation items and a box full of canned goods to donate.  That made me happy.  Tonight my plan will be to get all the donation items packed up and loaded into my trunk so I can drop them off.

Earlier in the week I came across this on pinterest.


I thought this was a really cute idea.  You can write on the glass of the picture frame with a dry erase marker to tell someone why you love them today.  I thought the husband and I needed one, so I made my version.

I found this frame at Pier 1 yesterday...perfect.

I think I might reprint the inside though...I think the I is a little too close to the frame on the left...but still super cute.  The husband liked it too.  :)

Have a wonderful Thursday!  We are almost to the weekend!  What is on your happy now list?


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    1. Like I said I can't take credit for the idea! But I think it turned out cute and Daniel and I are having fun with it!


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