Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

I realize I use this title fairly often for my Wednesday posts.  It seems my Wednesday posts are a mix of random middle of the week things.  I think Wonderful Wednesday has a much better ring to it than Random Wednesday so let's go with it, hmmm?

Random Wonderful Wednesday Thought #1: There is some paint in my kitchen!

This picture is actually from the breakfast room, but that area had the most paint.  This is still coat one, but I really like the khaki and the cream together.  In the breakfast room the top cabinets will remain door-less and be shelves.  I was so excited to see more progress when I got home yesterday evening!

Random Wonderful Wednesday Thought #2:  Our 4th wedding anniversary is tomorrow.  My daily calendar is one day off, but look how cute this is for the day?

I heart Mary Engelbreit

Random Wonderful Wednesday Thought #3:  I was searching the internet the other day for something to calm Sammy's nerves during thunderstorms.  Thunder freaks her out!  I had heard about a treat/supplement that has calming effects for pups during stressful situations so I was googling it to find out more about it and see if we wanted to give it a try with Sammy.  I came across this picture and I thought it was so cute!


Does anyone else have a pup that gets nervous in certain situations?  Has anyone used pet ease before?  That is the supplement I was reading about.  Any insights on how it works?  Other suggestions?


  1. Thundershirt! We have one for Lucy and it works!

    1. What is a thundershirt? I must investigate. Thanks for the tip!!

  2. that is some gorgeous sheetrock! I've also heard of the thundershirt...

    1. I researched it online...I am going to get Sammy one and see how it works for her. She sure could have used it this morning!


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