Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm Floored!

In this case the pun is totally intended.  I mentioned in a post back in March that we had found hardwoods under the linoleum in the breakfast room.

They were covered in glue and burlap and were in pretty bad shape.  I still wanted to rescue them if we could.  Well, guess what!?

When I came home and saw this, I actually said to the contractor..."OMG, I'm floored!"  Then I realized what I had said and giggled to myself thinking I know what this blog will be called.  I text this picture to the husband and he said, "Wow, pretty.  Whose floors are those?"  Ours!!  I couldn't believe it.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. gorgeous! did your mom know those were under the linoleum?

    1. She had no idea!! It was a total surprise.


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