Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Funday!

It is an early Friday, I only work until noon today, so it is a Friday Funday!  We don't really have anything super exciting planned for the afternoon besides watching the contractor install the new cabinets!  That is kind of exciting.  It is also exciting that there is no yellow left in the kitchen!

breakfast area
And who knew the sheetrock could get even prettier??


Tonight we are going to Fleming's for an anniversary celebration dinner.  Last night we stayed in because let's face it, it is more fun to go out on a Friday night and not have to worry about getting up early the next morning.  Anyway, if you have a Fleming's near you will like it, I promise.

The husband came home with flowers last night because he is such a sweetheart.  It's a good thing I have been experimenting with decorations for the hall table.

One of these vases came in very handy.  All of my vases are still packed away with the kitchen and dining room stuff.

And yes, I turned my image from yesterday's post into a card for the hubby.  I could say it's because I am creative, but it was really more like necessity since it was raining on my lunch hour yesterday and I didn't want to go out in the rain.  Do I at least get points for honesty?  :)

Happy Friday all!

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