Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, we moved.  Not last weekend, almost two months ago.

This has been a hard two months.  We are still living with an incomplete kitchen, so the eating habits are not the best.  What's worse is that work has been super busy so I haven't been making it to the gym at lunch time like usual.  What's even worse than that?  I haven't been picking up the slack by doing a work out in the morning or evening.  I have been overwhelmed and a little lazy (just being honest).  The good news...yes there is a little good clothes are still fitting so I haven't been doing extra damage, so I will take my small win.

When we moved in we were not able to unpack a lot of boxes, the kitchen and dining room are still not unpacked since they are not finished, so we have what will be the den as the designated box room.  The sofa that will eventually be in the den is in the living room so we are fairly cramped.  We have finally called uncle and had some contractors out to give us bids on helping us finish the kitchen.  I am just fine with that...I hope they give us good bids and can start soon.  I am ready to get back to normal life.

Toward the end of last week I started thinking about things that I could do now that would improve our living situation and my mood.  I called it my happy now list.  I might not have a complete kitchen, I might be living in essentially 2 rooms of a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house; but there are things I can be happy about now.  Like my whimsical blue hallway.

I sweet talked the husband into climbing around the box room to find this picture.  I was floored when I realized the color I painted the hallway matched the text on the bottom of this picture almost exactly.  It looks like I took the print in with me and asked the store to match the paint.  Crazy.  This might be my favorite little corner of the house right now.  It is not finished, but it is on it's way.  I have a runner rug on order and I want to put some bottle neck vases on this table.  I am very happy about this.  :)

The other things on the happy now list were not all that pretty to photograph, like finding the box with the Pledge so I could give the furniture a good dusting, but they are getting scratched off one by one.  On the happy now list for this evening: a healthy dinner from Zoe's Kitchen and a bike ride around the neighborhood.

Oh, and I know you are wondering about Sammy.

She is very satisfied with the move.  She has a yard.  She could care less about a kitchen, her food bowl still gets magically filled in the morning and evening.  She is content.

And she gets to have friends over.

Today the pen color will be yellow.  Yellow makes me happy now.  :)

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Love the blue hallway and ur right the poster looks perfect! Your dog makes me laugh. She always looks like she's smiling:D A happy dog means a happy home!~ shannon

    1. Daniel and I talk about how she always looks so happy...she is a funny pup. Love that girl!


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