Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  Here's to having a good week.  The weekend was great!  The husband and I went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science for Friday Funday and we toured the new hall of paleontology.


They had a ton of new fossils and it was incredible.  Some were slightly scary.

How would you like to be swimming and see this jaw coming after you?

Or be flipped into the air by this guy?

Then there were some beautiful fossils.

I would like to use these as pavers in a garden, but I think that might be frowned upon.

This one was so pretty we weren't sure it was a real fossil.

We also toured the Titanic exhibit...there were no pictures allowed in there, but it was amazing.  If you are in Houston and can go...I recommend it.  The exhibit was laid out in a timeline order with artifacts from the wreckage in each of the locations.  As you entered the exhibit you were given a boarding pass.

As you walked around the corner you were on the dock.  There were details about the captain and engineers and building of the ship.  Then you boarded and walked down the hallway that was built to look like the ship.  It really was impressive the way the exhibit was done.  Our boarding passes had details of passengers that were aboard.

The husband was a first class passenger named Edgar Meyer and I was a second class passenger named Annie Hold.  The exhibit had details about the accommodations for first, second and third class passengers.  They had china on display that had been on board for each class.  The first class china was very detailed and ornate, the second class very pretty with blue flowers, the third was plain white with the White Star logo on it.

When you got to the portion of the exhibit that was along the timeline of the sinking they had a large piece of ice for you to touch so you could get an idea of how cold the iceberg was and how cold the water would have been that night...more of the passengers died of hypothermia than drowned.  They also had a layout of the size of the lifeboats on board and pictures of items on the ocean floor with the rescued item displayed in front it.  It was a neat perspective.

At the end of the exhibit there was a memorial wall for those who died and a listing of those who were rescued.  The man on the husband's boarding pass did not survive, but the woman on mine did.  I suppose I had better odds in the sense of women and children first.  The husband of the woman on my boarding pass perished and the wife of the man on Daniel's survived.  It really made you think about what that day represented to so many people.

On Saturday we kind of bummed around and cleaned up and out at the house and then went to a birthday party.  The guys were there working on the kitchen and bathrooms.  Yay!

Breakfast room coming along

Sunday we got massages...extra yay!  And had some friends over for the night.

Sammy's friend Abba.

I hope this Monday marks the beginning of a great week!  What did you do this weekend?


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