Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thoughtful Th...err Tuesday

This was on my daily calendar yesterday.

So true.

This is one of my favorite illustrations from Mary Engelbreit.  I have a coffee mug with this picture on it.  Each year when it turns up on my daily calendar I post this quote as my status on Facebook (if you are a FB friend of mine, you might have noticed this).  Every time I post it it gets lots of comments and likes.  It is a good quote.

Here are the things I am not worrying about today.  :)

I emailed the contractor this morning to see if he had an update on when the counter tops would be ready for install.  The original date was sometime last week.  The current date is sometime this week.  I would love to have counter tops this week...that means we will have a sink installed and that means a much closer to normal kitchen life!  The ability to easily wash produce would be a welcome change.

The painters are in the house working on the bathrooms and touching up the scuff marks we made in the hall moving the refrigerator.  The bathrooms should have at least coat one finished today.  I can't wait to see the colors!

It is interesting to try and do your hair in a bathroom with no mirror.  I had the old school medicine cabinets removed so I could hang pretty mirrors.  Good thing I am all about pony tails right now.  :)  I keep thinking my goal this weekend will be to purchase and hang the mirrors in the bathrooms, but I will be relaxing in Gruene!  I am looking forward to the weekend away...even though I keep forgetting it is coming.  Here's hoping we come home to lots of progress and (crossing my fingers) counter tops!!!

Something I should be worrying about is the fact I am not working out and not eating all the great.  That is something I need to change and something that would give me strength today.  I shouldn't worry about it...I should just do it.  Goal for today...an evening walk around the neighborhood.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. I will cross my fingers that you will have a sink soon... if you will cross your fingers that I will have a Palapa soon ; ) Enjoy Gruene!


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