Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Controlled Chaos

In an attempt to control the chaos around me in my home I have been working on my happy now list.  I mentioned it in my Weekend Recap three weeks ago.  It is a list I keep of things I can do around the house right now that make me happy...little progresses.  This weekend I tackled some clutter that had been stacking up in our limited usable space and did some organizing.

I heard about Huggable Hangers on HGTV and I found some at Target and thought I would give them a try.

I bought two 10 packs...one of black hangers and one of off-white.  They have a felt feel to keep clothes from slipping off, I was sure that would work.  I was mostly curious about how much space they would save in my closet.  I went from an apartment with a walk in closet to an older home with a look-in closet; so needless to say closet space is very important to me now.  I decided to do an experiment.

I lined up 20 shirts between this support and a line I drew on my closet bar.  Yes, I drew directly on the closet bar...we haven't freshly painted in there so why not?  I expertly circled my marker on the closet bar in Photoshop...yes, I am super talented.  Then I replaced the regular hangers with huggable ones.

It saves me almost 3 inches of closet space for every 20 things!  That is significant in a small closet.  I will be replacing all my hangers now...or eventually.  I was very impressed.  And yes I sort my shirts by color, don't judge.

I leave you with a picture of a cute cat who is after my daisy loving heart.


Go forth, organize and love kittens!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Do you have any small space organizing tips for me??  Do share.


  1. ooh! i got those too! i got them because i didn't want my shirts falling off the hangers, but alas, they also save space : ) they have them at marshall's and tj maxx as well... well not the actual brand name huggable hangers, but the thin velvet hangers.

    1. I found some that were not the actual brand name at Bed Bath and Beyond too...they work just fine and I got to use a coupon! LOL


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