Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kitchen Progress and Sushi!

I got home and we had sheetrock in the kitchen!!  I have never been so happy to see sheetrock in all my life!

Isn't it the most beautiful sheet-rock you have ever seen?  I thought so.

Dinner last night was sushi.  Yum!!

Dinner was supposed to be soup, but I just wasn't feeling it.  This roll is super delicious.  Spicy tuna on the inside and salmon and avocado on the top.  I asked for a few extra slices of avocado.

And I got this gigantic avocado snake.  They said it was supposed to be a caterpillar, but I thought it looked more like a snake.  I turned it around to hiss at the husband.  Funny thing...the husband has never encouraged snapping photos of my food (he has never discouraged it either...he is kind of food picture Switzerland); but as soon as this snake hit the table he declared, "You must take a picture of that."  :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!  Have I mentioned there is sheetrock in my kitchen???



  1. It really is the most wonder sheet rock ever!

    1. Thanks!! I think so too!! :) Now I can't wait for them to paint it. LOL


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