Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Finds - Texas Road Trip Edition

I don't know how many of you are from Texas, or have been to Texas, or have had the pleasure of road tripping in Texas; but I am going to share two of the greatest secrets about road tripping in Texas.  If you already know these secrets, just nod along.

Number one...Buc-ee's.


Part gas station, part deli, part grocery store, part boutique shopping experience, Buc-ee's is the place to stop.  Not only can you fill you car, your belly, and your shopping basket with great Texas made items; you will find the cleanest road trip bathrooms you have ever experienced.  I'm serious, they have won awards.

We stopped at Buc-ee's on the way to Austin and on the way back, two different locations, same great experience.  I picked up this awesome hand made corrugated metal Texas for my patio.

This is the second item I have picked up made by Lisa Coats of New Braunfels, TX.  Thank you Lisa.  This will look great on my deck.

We also picked up a souvenir for Sammy.

This dog toy is made by PrideBites Dog Toys which is located in Austin.  The only thing better than finding a toy to bring your dog while road tripping without her is knowing that the company that made it donates a portion of their profit to organizations that rescue animals.  Perfect.

Since this was my first encounter with a PrideBites toy and being the animal lover I am, of course I did some research.  The second coolest thing I discovered about this brand and their toys (first being that they assist rescue dogs) is that you can get a custom toy with your dog on it.


Isn't that super cute?  I am pretty sure there will be a Sammy toy happening in the not too distant future.

Number two...bluebonnets.

Now, I realize my number two is kind of a limited secret since it is only valid during the spring.  However, it is currently spring and I love flowers so it is currently valid.  We found tons of gorgeous bluebonnets on our trip.

If you have not road tripped in Texas in the spring, then you probably have not experienced the amazingness that is a field of bluebonnets.  I am happy to share it with you.

When you gather thousands of these flowers together in a field you get a field that looks like this.  Some parts are completely void of any green showing through and it is just amazing.

Throw in an aging barb wire and wooden fence and you have a great photo op.  Who am I kidding?  The field full of bluebonnets is reason enough on its own to stop for pictures.  The fence does add something though.

I could stare at it all day.  If you haven't had the pleasure, come visit and we will road trip together.  You will like it.

Then I will come visit you and you can show me all the awesome things about road tripping in your state.  Sound good?  Excellent.

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