Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekly Finds

I love spring.  I don't know if it is because I was born in the spring or if it is the blooming flowers and gorgeous weather...

...but spring really puts me in the mood to shop.  Possibly it also has a little to do with my tax refund.  Not sure.

I think I have mentioned it on the blog before, but in case I haven't let me tell you now.  I love to shop with Zappos.com.  Their customer service is great, their shipping is free (all the time, no paid membership for it, no matter the dollar amount you have in your cart), and they are fast!  I usually receive my packages a couple of days after I place my order...sometimes the next day.  If you haven't shopped with them, I highly recommend giving them a try.

I did a little online shopping this week at Zappos.  I picked up this cute new phone case.


And I grabbed these black flats by Blowfish.


I had never tried Blowfish shoes before, but I really like them.  They are a fabric upper that is textured, reminds me a little of burlap.  They are cozy and cute. 

I also made my first etsy purchase this week.  I love these bangles by Antebellum Baubles.

Aren't they fun?  I love them.  Since making this first etsy purchase I have gone back and bought a couple of more items (most of them gifts).  If you have a May birthday you should be excited.

Sammy and Bauer wanted to say hi...

...but instead they decided to nap.

Have a lovely Tuesday.  Happy shopping!

*This is not a sponsored post.  I received nothing to say wonderful things about Zappos.com or Antebellum Baubles.  I just like to share the love.

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