Wednesday, April 2, 2014


**PUPDATE!!  Opal has found her forever home!!**

It is Wednesday and you know what that means.  You get to meet another fabulous adoptable dog from Red Collar Rescue.  I must admit I can't wait to meet this girl in person.  She has the sweetest face!!  See for yourself, here is Opal.

Oh, hai! I’s Opal and I don’t need much more than the wuv. Imma medium sized girl, about 40 of the pounds and I sure wuv the cuddles.

The volunteers say I’m one of their favorites because I’m such a sweet cuddler. Don’t tell the otha dogs though, I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings. I also have a super sweet face that’ll melt your heart.

You can see dat’s the truth!

I am working hard on learning all my manners and I walk real good on a leash. I’d wuv to be your dog. I don’t even need all tha toys. I’m happy with a big ole stick and we can find those for free when we go walkin’. I do wuv the walks.

I live in a kennel right now.  Dontcha think this face is too cute to hide in the kennels?

I thought you'd agree.

I really want a forever human of my own and I think you need a forever dog. I’d wuv you to wuv me. Come and meet me, I know I could be your favorite too.

Do you not just love that face?  She is a cutie.  If you would like to meet Opal, you can contact Red Collar Rescue at

*All of the photos in this post were provided by Amy of BH Studios.

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  1. That second to last photo is so perfect!!! Happy Thoughtless Thursday! Thanks for linking up

    1. It makes me want to go lie in the grass with her! Thanks for hosting and stopping by!!

  2. I love the photos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aww!!!! How sweet!!! Good luck you gorgeous pup!!
    I will share this post to help!


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