Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend!  I got this picture from my sister in Mississippi and it made my day.

I can't wait to see my nieces in two weeks!  Love those pretty girls.

We had a quiet Easter around the house.  I made dish pan pasta for our Easter dinner.

Dish pan pasta is so easy to make.  Typically it is made using leftover pasta, but I like it so much I made the pasta specifically for it.  You spray your baking dish with nonstick cooking spray, layer your pasta and sauce in the bottom, add a layer of cheese, another of pasta and sauce and repeat until your dish is full.  The cheeses I had on hand and used yesterday were cottage and mozzarella.  Then bake until warm and bubbling (I did 350 degrees for about an hour); melt a little more cheese on top.  Done.

Dish pan pasta is a delicious lasagna style concoction that is typically made from whatever is in your fridge.  Hence the name dish pan pasta, it's like you threw in everything, but the kitchen sink.  My grandma used to make it a lot.  Brings back memories, so a perfect Easter dinner dish.

A new development over the weekend my bed got a lot smaller.

Double Trouble

The are conspiring to take over my side of the bed; I can feel it. 

I hope your weekend was wonderful!

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