Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

Aside from some spring cleaning on Sunday, which I am pretty sure you don't want to hear about, our weekend was spent at a BBQ cook-off.  You know what was great about this BBQ cook-off besides awesome food?  It was benefiting a great cause.  If you have been reading the blog a while then you probably know that my day job is IT in higher ed.  When you know that bit of information about me, then it should not shock you that I was happy the husband had entered a BBQ cook-off where the proceeds (his entry fee, the charge at the door for the public to taste test the dishes) all went to a blossoming scholarship foundation.

"Did somebody say barbeque?"

The Cuvillier family has established a scholarship foundation honoring the life and legacy of one of their relatives.  The Virginia Tigner Cuvillier Scholarship Foundation is working to grow its endowment so they can begin awarding scholarships to deserving recipients.

This was their first fundraiser and they held their cook-off at the West Alabama Ice House, a Houston landmark.

The Ice House is a perfect place to have a cook-off since they pretty much only have outdoor space.  They are also dog friendly which Sammy and I approve of.  The day was not gorgeous, but the temperatures were perfect and it didn't rain on us, so that was great.  The food was good and the dogs were happy.  Sammy had a great time hanging out while her dad cooked.

The husband entered two of the five categories, chili and pork.  On his menu, a Texas style beef chili and pulled pork sliders on homemade jalapeno cheese biscuits with homemade BBQ sauce.  Yes, it was delicious.

The day went pretty well for him.

Not too shabby.

Sammy was awarded first prize for begging.  She is good at it.  And she's a smarty.  That guy won first prize for his chicken.  At least she knows which chicken to beg for.

This guy served up the first place pork and seafood dishes.  He also won the prize for crowd favorite.  I of course voted for the husband, but this guy's stuff was tasty too, so I guess the contest was fair.  Hmpf.

I do whole heartedly award him best photo bomb of the day.

Impressive, no?

This gal, the only female entry, took home first prize for her beans.  They were hella good.

All in all a very tasty...

Um, yum.

...very fun filled day...

The big winners with the judges.

...benefiting a great cause.  Win, win.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!


  1. a great cause! sounds delicious (and fun), I really want a bite of the biscuits!!


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