Monday, April 28, 2014


**PUPDATE!!!!!  Charity is safe in her new forever home!!!  Thank you for sharing her story!!**

Freedom Ride!!!

I have a special guest blogger today.  No, it isn't Wednesday yet...sorry to tell you that it is still really Monday, but this girl can't wait.  She is not in a rescue program she is at the Harris County Animal Control Shelter so time is of the essence.  HCAC is a kill shelter so she has little time left.  Please meet and please share Charity...

Um, hi.  My name is Charity, or it used to be.  Now I am A403663.  I am kind of an old lady, I am already 7 years old and I am at the Harris County Shelter.  My owners that I loved and that loved me my whole life dropped me off here.  

They are going to have a human baby and didn't have room in their lives for me anymore.  I am sad, confused, and very, very scared. 

I would like nothing more than to get to live out the golden years of my life in a home with you.  I am house trained and a very good girl. 

I am easy to handle and I am not so big, so I don't take up much space.  I am a little bit of a chunky monkey right now, but that's nothing a little diet and exercise won't fix.

Please be my hero and come rescue me from this scary place.  I need help.

Indeed she does need help.  Harris County is one of the kill shelters here in Houston and because of their small space, limited funding, and the gigantic number of animals they see each day they have one of the highest kill rates.  Every second counts for Charity.  Please share her story with all the animal lovers you know.  This girl needs a rescue tag, adopter, or foster NOW.

If you or anyone you know are interested in saving Charity, you can contact the Harris County Shelter at 281-999-3191.

I know there are lots of reasons and situations that happen in life that could make it impossible to continue caring for a furry family member.  If you, your friends, any animal owner you know, finds themselves in a position that they need to say goodbye to an animal that they have committed time, love and care to, please tell them there are tons of ways to re-home an animal that don't put the pet's life at risk.  Yes, it is much harder than walking into the shelter, paying the fee, and handing over the leash; but if you have adopted a pet, you have promised them you will provide them a long life in a home.  Please be sure to keep your promise.

*All of the photos in this post were provided by Amy of BH Studios.

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  1. YEAAA!!! I am so so happy for her. She has been on my heart.


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