Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Finds - Sammy's Announcement

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Sammy has an announcement.

I do??

Yes, Sammy you do.  Remember it starts with a B?

Oh, right.  I have a new friend named Bauer.

Right.  But who is he?

OH! He's my new brudder!

That's right!  We adopted the lab we met at the Harris County Animal Control Shelter and our house will be his forever home.  We couldn't resist him!!  As soon as he did this on the husbands feet...

...we were in love!  And we knew Sammy would love him too.  We don't know much about our sweet new guy except that he was picked up as a stray by animal control.  He had been in the shelter 3 and a half days before his freedom ride.

He looks like he has been on his own a little while because he is a little underweight and his nails are super long.  He also had very dirty, itchy ears.  The shelter thinks he's around 4 years old and he is heart worm negative.

After we took him home and got him cleaned up I snapped this picture of him on our deck.

A few people commented that it looked like he was trying to hug his new home.  I think it is so sweet how rescued dogs truly feel rescued.  You could tell he was relieved to be out of the shelter so much so that he slept like a baby Saturday night.

His slumber started very soon after his bath and ear cleaning.  He just slept on the deck while we hung out.  A little later we had guests over for dinner and he was a super good boy.  You can tell he had a home at one point.  I don't know how he ended up in the shelter, but I do know that if you chip your pet you almost double the odds that they will find their way home to you if they get lost.  If Bauer's previous owners did lose him, I feel sad for their loss; but I am happy to rescue this guy and give him a safe and loving new home for the rest of his life.

Sammy is very accepting of Bauer and they have begun to play together.  I credit our foster experience with Wags for her great transition.

"I dub thee little sister!"

We honestly don't know who is older, but we will call Bauer the big brother simply because he is bigger than Sam.  So far, they have shared plated licking duties, played fetch and tug, and even been on the verge of snuggling.



Bauer fits right in.  He definitely knows what to do in the kitchen.

And he's a love.

Sweet boy.

To top it all off he knows his basic commands, I have yet to see him jump up on anyone, and I discovered yesterday he knows how to speak.  He also asks to be let out.  So far, only one accident in the house.  Do you know what this means??


You can find AMAZING dogs of any breed at your local shelter or rescue group.  The small fees we paid to bring Bauer home included his shots and microchipping.  If he had not already been neutered it would have included that too.  Done deal.  Go on...save a life.

For those of you who are curious...yes, he was named after Jack.

Sleep tight buddy.  You are home safe.

And in April birthday news...

Happy Birthday to another BFF, Lizzy Lou!!  Have a great day Liz!!  Love you lots!!


  1. I love Bauer already! Cant waut to see more pics af the two of them together!

    1. sorry for the misspellings. I didn't proofread before I sent.

    2. He's a love!!! I can't wait to see them snuggle like that picture you posted on FB!!!


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