Thursday, April 3, 2014

David and Aerin's Wedding

David and Aerin got married last Saturday at Heritage House in Dripping Springs, Texas.  This had to have been one of the cutest weddings I have been to in a long time.  Their venue was so amazing, it was like rolling 5 venues into one.  There is no other way to describe how cute it was without pictures, so I will get to those.  Since there was so much cuteness going on, I will just start at the beginning and walk you through it.


They married in this charming chapel.  I loved the wood beams against the white ceiling and the cross with the bird.

I wish I had some better pictures of the ceremony, but we were in the last row.  We were running a little late and got some of the last seats in the chapel.  Ask my friend Gaby about that.  She will be happy to tell you what happened.

Last Saturday was a beautiful day.  They could not have had better weather if they were able to make the weather themselves.  After the ceremony guests were invited over to this open air space for cocktails and appetizers.


Isn't that so pretty?  On the way there I saw this sign.

A wedding hash tag!  I loved it.  Obviously, I began using it immediately.

The Pfaffenbergers get the award for most creative guest book ever.  They had a canvas that was mod-podged with pages from the bible.  Guests were asked to use their fingerprints to create leaves on the two trees and sign their names to their leaves.

I love that they turned the guest book in to art for their home.  I can't say that I have ever gotten out my guest book from my wedding to look at it.  This was such a great idea and you will see in a minute that it completely ties in to their reception.

Outside behind the cocktail area were various table groupings for guests to gather.  This one was a little bit of heaven.  How cute is this? 

The husband was super impressed with the home brewed beer option at the bar.  The Pfaffenbergers had Pfaffenbeer!!  It just keeps getting cuter.

During the cocktail hour everyone was invited to explore the venue.  I caught site of a gazebo with bluebonnets!  Since the newlyweds were not taking pictures there (yet), I drug the husband over.


Selfie.  That was of course posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the appropriate hash tag.

The picture above was looking back from the gazebo toward the cocktail hour.  On our way back over, we ran into this beautiful couple.

Happy Newlyweds

In our defense we were trying not to interrupt their photo session, but the groom came to say hi to us; so I figured it was okay to snap a picture (it was obviously hash tagged and posted to appropriate social media locations).

Back with everyone at the cocktail hour we took more pictures.

Kasey and me

All the guests were invited to take their seats inside the reception venue.  Another cute location, right?

I love it.  Simple, charming, and elegant!

Do you see anything that makes you think of the guest book?

How about now?  Isn't that precious?

On either side of the cakes there were pictures of the bride and groom throughout their lives.

They were hung with clothespins.  Cute.

Mr. and Mrs. Pfaffenberger were introduced and the party got underway!

The food was delicious, there was dancing...

And didn't think it could get better did you?

I saw this and thought it was a great place for pictures.

A few other people agreed with me.

The husband and me, Kasey and Neil, Gaby and Tonio, Rachel and Dave

You are all welcome for the use of my fantastic mediocre photography skills.

There was more dancing.

Then it was time to send the newlyweds off on their new adventure together.

I was so happy I got this picture.  It's pretty good.  :)

All the best to you David and Aerin!!


  1. great recap, beautiful wedding!!!

    I also never get out my guest book so making it something creative you will see/use after is a great idea and one i'd shown my sister.

    1. Thanks, Carol! It was a beautiful wedding. Glad their wedding book idea could be inspiring future brides! :)


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